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This article is about the character. For the quest, see Bluejay (Quest).
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"We're the last of humanity, trapped in a bubble. Simulation is an entire frontier we can explore to re-define what it means to be human. And you outlaw it just because we fear others' bad experiences from hundreds of years ago!"
— Conrad Jain[1]

Bluejay, also known by his real name, Conrad Jain, was a Cloud Strider of Neomuna.


Originally a game developer before becoming a Cloud Strider, Jain was notorious for his advocacy for the use of and illegal research into simulations run on the CloudArk. He was finally convicted by the Neomuni Department of Public Safety after an incident involving the Vex with one of his simulation spaces that encroached on the Vex Network. As some members of the City Council had become convinced by his arguments for simulation research, he was sentenced to house arrest and community service in the form of continuing this research.[1] This would eventually allow for the CloudArk to evolve from a simple data storage medium to a complete virtual reality environment. Later, he became the much-loved Cloud Strider known as Bluejay.[2]

Bluejay's original simulation space remained active and used by Cloud Striders as a listening post, but with the arrival of the Shadow Legion in Neomuna, it became a hotbed for Vex activity, which the Guardian would lead missions into in support of the city.[2]


  • Bluejay is named for Bungie artist John "Bluejay" Zelman, who was previously a prominent community artist.[3]

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