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Red Legion
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Elite Special Forces
World Destroyers


Dominus Ghaul
The Consul
Thumos, the Unbroken
Bracus Zahn
Primus Cal'aug
Val Ca'uor
Valus Thuun
The Psion Flayer Sisters


Firebase Hades
Firebase Airfield
Orobas Vectura
Excavation Site VII
Terrabase Charon
The Almighty


European Dead Zone, Earth
Arcadian Valley, Nessus
Echo Mesa, Io
Fields of Glass, Mercury
Hellas Basin, Mars

"Rumors mostly. They’re elite. Ruthless. And rumor is, they've never known defeat."
Ikora Rey

The Red Legion is an elite Cabal Legion formerly led by the Cabal Emperor, Dominus Ghaul.


Emperor Calus appointed a younger Ghaul to Primus of the Red Legion, where his talents would be best put to use. For his albinism, Ghaul became known as the Ghost Primus.[1] Under his command, the Red Legion became loyal to Ghaul over their emperor, such that when Ghaul launched his coup against Emperor Calus, the Red Legion accompanied him, arresting Calus and forcing him aboard The Leviathan.[2]

Since then, the Red Legion has conquered hundreds of worlds at Ghaul's orders, deploying The Almighty against those who refused to surrender. They were said to have never once failed.[3]

The Legion was last deployed in response to the Skyburners' distress call to attack the Last City on Earth, launching a successful invasion of Earth and the Last City. Using the Traveler Cage, they managed to cripple the Last City and devastate the Guardians, leaving them vulnerable and displaced. They are attempting to claim the Light from the Traveler and become Guardians.[4] Following the attack, the Red Legion began to quickly occupy the Solar System, even making an attempt to dig up ancient Vex ruins on Nessus, where they unearthed the ancient Vex mind Protheon, Modular Mind. Soldiers of the Legion utilize highly advanced technology, far more advanced than that of their older scouts. On Io, they attempted to drain Io of its abnormal light which accidentally summoned the Taken, forcing them to leave their many dig sites. On Mars, perhaps one of there greatest achievement in the system was ending the war with the Vex, the remaining Legions gathered for one final assault and the Red Legion led the charge. Then it happened, with one huge punch, the stalemate against the Vex was broken, they made stunning progress, destroying the Virgo Prohibition, taking the Bastion and destroying the Gate to the Black Garden ensuring the Vex could never again make an attempt to take Mars back and squeezing them out of the Bay. What the other legions couldn't do, the Red Legion did just like that.

With their security being lax, and Ghaul being preoccupied by wanting to understand the Traveler, their greatest weapon, The Almighty, which can destroy suns was under attack by a Guardian and was disabled. This led to a full on attack on the Red Legion occupied city by more Guardians, spearheaded by the Vanguard. With pressure mounting and his temper boiling over, Ghaul murdered the Consul, who criticized his obsession, and went to take the light to become a Guardian himself. For a short while he was successful and combated the Guardian. However, Ghaul was defeated and the Traveler awoken, who ended the Dominus once and for all. Even in it’s aftermath, Red Legion weapons are used in Shaxx’s Crucible to help train new Guardians.

Ghaul's death and the Legion's defeat at the City did not substantially hinder their war machine. With the Dominus's command succeeded by Val Ca'uor, the Red Legion began to actively occupy Mercury and Mars in order to resupply their forces.[5][6] Red Legion forces headed by Kargen, the Technocrat hacked the Insight Terminus on Nessus for Vex technology while Psions were also attempting to evolve into Flayers by tapping into the Warmind Rasputin on Mars; both efforts were thwarted by the Guardians. Around the time the Hive faction, the Grasp of Nokris, began emerging from the Hellas Basin on Mars, Val Ca'uor led a Red Legion fleet against the Leviathan in order to seize it from Calus and weaponize it.[7] Ca'uor's forces were repelled by The Guardian and was assassinated afterward, thus leaving the Red Legion leaderless again, weakened and further demoralized.

However, this was not the end of the Red Legion, the Guardians started attacking the Legion more and more aggressively, instigating a skirmish with the House of Dusk Fallen, shutting down there anti-air defenses at Firebase Hades, allowing air bombing runs and raids to take place on the facility, directing the Taken assault on the EDZ toward the Legion, taking there fuel and supplies, and with the discovery of lost sectors, there leaders to came out of hiding allowing multiple assassinations to take place. On Nessus, there commander in The Conflux, Primus Cal'aug, was killed by The Young Wolf, stopping the Legion from undergoing any further operations on Nessus. On top of that, Firebase Hades was disabled, most of there supplies were stolen and they had to deal with heavy losses due to failed offensives against the City and The Fallen.

Meanwhile on Mars, things were supposedly going well for the Legion and was a sign the Legion was still a major force with it being the only place the Legion still had power over. UNTIL. With the Ice melting after impacts from the surface, a new threat emerged, The Grasp Of Nokris and with that they were now seeing there progress on Mars quickly being undone in Hellas Basin they now fought a war with an enemy that they didn't understand, it is unknown if they were fighting the Grasp of Nokris all over Mars or it was isolated to Hellas Basin, however they were getting there butt's kicked by a tiny Hive sect.

In addition to their disheveled state, the Red Legion began suffering from multiple desertions such as those following Garut Gra'am who rooted themselves in Trappers Cave. The most prominent of these groups, the Unbowed Legion, made their debut in the EAZ during the Solstice of Heroes event in an attempt to take over the EAZ as a base of operations. Despite the group being lead by three large Cabal commanders similar to Ghalak the Colossus, Forge Warden, they were quickly put to an end by the Guardians partaking in the event.

Against the deprivation the legion currently faces they have been seen to continue some operations such as an attempt to take over the EAZ lead by two Bond Sisters.

More recently a family group of Psion Flayers, having commandeered Osiris' time-traveling Sundial, split Mercury into three alternate timelines that threaten to span beyond the planet and into the system. It is their intention to undo Ghaul's defeat, or, failing that, gather enough Light from the future to buy their way back into Calus' favor. Though the Psion Flayer sisters, Niruul, the Hollow Voice, Ozletc, the Sky Piercer and Tazaroc, the Sun Eater, managed to create a border realm for themselves, the Guardians would ruin their plans. One by one, the Psion sisters would face the Guardians and be defeated. After weeks of their forces being eliminated, the three sisters, driven to desperation, used their vast psionic powers to merge into a single being, Inotam, Oblivion's Triune. Despite Inotam's vast powers, the Guardians would nonetheless prevail against her, thwarting the sisters efforts to subvert time. However, one sister remains, Amtec, who was informed by her sisters of their possible demise and now schemes to avenge them.

After their crippling defeat at the Sundial, the Red Legion, headed by the escaped Psion Flayer, Amtec, decide to use the Almighty to crash into the Last City itself. With little to no choice, the Vanguard decide to cooperate with the Warmind Rasputin, with Guardians arming his arsenal, in order to save their home from destruction[8].

Despite Amtec's efforts, however, the Almighty was destroyed by Rasputin, with the help of the Guardians, before it could collide with Earth, resulting in Amtec's plot ending in a total failure for the Red Legion. Amtec's final fate is unknown, but she was possibly onboard when the Almighty was annihilated and perished in the explosion.

With the Almighty's crash site no longer in flame and its debris no longer falling from the sky, the Red Legion were reduced to a barren few after countless losses. Despite this, the Legion still operates. Several groups of Cabal interfere with the Contact public event in hopes of harnessing the phantasmal energy seen utilised in many Champions brought to the forefront. It is unknown if the Red Legion in their desperation have managed to use the energy to create Champions, or if the champions are derived from another way. It is also unknown whether or not Amtec still leads the remains of the Legion due to her possible death on the Almighty unconfirmed.

Notable Members[edit]

Major Figures[edit]

Named Leaders and Bosses[edit]

Command Structure[edit]

The command structure and tactics of the Red Legion are more aggressive and agile than any Cabal Legion observed before, with deadlier weapons, advanced technology, and battle techniques. The Red Legion also has a handful of new units that operate in the field. Majors will typically wear silver armor, whereas Ultras wear gold armor.


Red Legion troops can be primarily identified by their signature gunmetal and red color scheme, with some troops having gold, silver, or orange highlights depending upon their rank. They are also more heavily armored than other Cabal Legions, wearing metal plates over a bodysuit of War Beast scales. [9]


  • The Red Legion is the first Cabal force to travel to Earth and succeed in attacking the Last City. They use more advanced technology in stark contrast to the Cabal scouts who were originally deployed to the Solar System in Destiny, evidence of the Cabal Empire's advancements after the original scouting party had been deployed.
  • The Red Legion have been known to deploy via drop pods launched from their carriers, rather than mainly using the Harvester drop ship like their predecessors.
  • The Red Legion is by far the biggest Cabal force the Guardians have ever faced.
  • The Red Legion is the first Cabal force to use Threshers, War Beasts, Incendiors, and Gladiators.
  • Upon closer inspection of Red Legion Cadavers it can be seen that soldiers belonging to the Red Legion seem to undergo cybernetic augmentation, with the fingers of Phalanxes being replaced with metal claws and Psion's having their helmets literally fused to their skull.
  • The Red Legion return in Season of Dawn and in Season of the Worthy as the main enemy Faction against the Guardians.


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