Sins of the Past

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Sins of the Past
Sins of the Past.jpg
Production overview

Rarity class:


Weapon type:

Rocket Launcher

Min-max magazine:



Rate of fire:

15 RPM



Service history




"What once was old shall be knew again, and history will have its revenge."
— Weapon description

Sins of the Past is a Leviathan-themed Rocket Launcher earned in the Leviathan raid through the encounters.


  • Intrinsic Perk 1:
    • High-Impact Frame: Slow-firing and high-damage. This weapon is more accurate when stationary and aiming down sights.
  • Selectable Perk 1:
    • Confined Launch: This weapon's launch parameters are particularly stable. Greatly increases stability. Increases blast radius. Decreases projectile speed.
    • Linear Compensator: This weapon's launch barrel is well-balanced. Slightly increases projectile speed. Slightly increases blast radius. Slightly increases stability.
    • Smart Drift Control: This barrel is broadly optimized for firing control. Moderately controls recoil. Increases stability. Increases handling speed. Slightly increases projectile speed.
  • Selectable Perk 2:
    • Cluster Bomb: Rockets spawn cluster bombs upon detonation.
    • Ambitious Assassin: Overflows the magazine based on the number of rapid kills before reloading.
  • Intrinsic Perk 2:
    • Auto-Loading Holster: The holstered weapon is automatically reloaded after a short period of time.


I weep for what the Cabal have become—a war machine forged in Ghaul's own image. His obsession with the ideal form has produced a hollow people devoid of culture, robbed of their history.

The Leviathan is now home to the last of us true Cabal. We will remember the old ways, for I am the wellspring from which our great civilization flows.

And when my empire returns, the traitors will see us as through a dark mirror. We will be a terrifying reminder of their former selves. In that moment, they will feel the shame of their betrayal. They will know I have come for my revenge.

The Red Legion will not escape the sins of their past. They shall be consumed by them.

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