Benedict 99-40

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Benedict 99-40
Biographical information






Masculine Programming

Eye color:

Purple (when Calus spoke through Benedict)
Red (when Loyal Programming was activated)
White (when undercover)

Political and military information


Tower (acting)


Emperor's Advocate


"You have completed the challenge of the Emperor. He is... amused by your potential. You have greatness in your future. And perhaps, someday... But that is not for I, a humble servant, to say. Embrace his name, all glory to the Emperor."
— Benedict 99-40

Benedict 99-40 was a Frame in the Tower Bazaar who had been remotely hacked by Emperor Calus's Loyalists. After completing the Leviathan Raid for the first time, Benedict offered rewards to Guardians in exchange for Emperor Calus Tokens. Each week, Benedict would sell a full set of armor and a weapon comprised of different armor pieces from the Leviathan Raid normal and prestige mode, Leviathan, Eater of Worlds, and Leviathan, Spire of Stars. However, to purchase these armor pieces and weapons, one had to first complete the raid that they originated from.


Benedict the Sweeper Bot

The Guardian came to Benedict while searching for a weapon stolen by a Shadow of Calus from the Vanguard vault, The Fourth Horseman. Benedict claimed that Calus had predicted the Young Wolf would come seeking the weapon and revealed that the Shadow who had stolen it had done so to use it against the Red Legion. However, the Shadow was killed by agents of Caiatl, Calus' estranged daughter. Benedict offered to decrypt the remnants of the Shadows log the Guardian had discovered in order to locate the weapon, but required encryption data from the Red Legion on Earth to do so. Upon decrypting the data, Benedict informed the Guardian that they had located the weapon in The Quarry and that Calus wished for the Young Wolf to retrieve the weapon and massacre the Red Legion present there.[1]


  • "The Emperor has been to the edge of the Universe and back. He returns to you now at the news that Ghaul of the Red Legion is dead. He expects all Cabal no matter their ideology or creed to return to his loving embrace."
  • "You have exceeded the Emperor's expectations. He sees now you are unafraid to indulge your true appetites. The Emperor believes you are ready to be taught. As he was taught. Personally, I think you just like shiny things. But what do I know? I live in a closet."
  • "Like you, the Emperor is impossibly old. Older than he can remember. He finds you fascinating. The raw potential you represent. Will you heed his words? Will you embrace all that you can become."
  • "The tale of Emperor Calus is rife with struggle and triumph. He was betrayed by those closest to him and exiled by the very people he led to glory. The Cabal sealed him and his loyalists aboard his flagship and sent them to the edge of the universe. Now, he has returned, and he expects the Cabal to return to him."
  • "The Shadows were the long arms of the Emperor. They were his blade in the night, forged in the aftermath of the great betrayal. The armor of the Emperor is the mantle of the Shadows. Wear it and you send a message to the entire system: the Shadows return, and they are Guardians."
  • "Emperor Calus possesses feats of strength, and miracles of technology your feeble mind could not comprehend. He has puppets everywhere at once, as evidenced by my presence. This broom is not just for show. His reach is limitless."
  • "You are Traveler-Spawn. Do you know what that means?"
  • "Calus has seen the end."
  • "Your Speaker has been...untruthful."
  • "You have no idea what is coming."
  • "Emperor Calus has spoken."
  • "When a Shadow falls, another rises."
  • "His graciousness is watching you."


  • As noted by the Drifter, the Vanguard seems to be aware of Benedict's presence and purpose, but has yet to act upon the information.
  • The Frame Werner 99-40 bears the same appearance as Benedict 99-40, who is also an agent of Calus.
  • Benedict's name may be a reference to Benedict Arnold, as they share the same first name and both betrayed the forces they allied with for an enemy.

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