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Focal world(s):



Serve the remnants of Humanity

At war with:



Humanoid robots
Non-human faces

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Notable groups:

Vanguard Frames
City Frames
Warmind Frames
Braytech Frames


Frames are multi-purpose non-sentient robots that serve the City and Reef. They are mainly used in civil or defensive roles by both powers.


Developed during the Golden Age, but not nearly as advanced as the fully sentient Exo, frames are useful for both civil and military applications. Some frames are found in the Tower as vendors; other frames are used as defense robots. Lord Shaxx uses platoons of frames called Redjacks to secure potential Crucible sites. Frames are capable of learning from experience, developing unique personalities over time.[1]

The Reef also uses frames as auxiliary guards, as they can be found wandering the Vestian Outpost and serving similar posts as their Tower counterparts.[2] However, these frames are more primitive, as they lack learning capabilities or personalities, and are wiped from time to time.[3]

There appear to be two model series of frames: the 55-30 series and the 99-40 series. The former is distinguished by their flat-topped heads and small, circular eye, while the the latter feature a more typical head shape with a larger, square eye, as well as two secondary eyes mounted externally to the sides of the head on models produced circa the Red War. It is unknown what these differences signify, however 55-30 frames are most notably functioning as vendors whereas 99-40 frames are commonly seen or implied to serve in maintenance and combat roles.

Many Frames were destroyed during the invasion of The Last City by Red Legion forces.[4] In Some Frames however were saved during the invasion of the Tower. These Frames went on to defend The Farm in the European Dead Zone.

Forces of the Vanguard's Frames formed the bulk of the Last City's forces during the conflict with the resurgent Hidden Swarm on Luna. The battle near the Hellmouth reached a stalemate until the Guardian's arrival. Upon driving the Hive back, the Vanguard managed to form a base of operations outside Sorrow's Harbor. The Frames remain guarding the newly established outpost, Sanctuary, and its overseer, Eris Morn.

During the Battle of the Twilight Gap, Shaxx's Redjack Frames had suffered major casualties. During the Quest to create Devil's Ruin, The Guardian collected the Frames to find the correct pieces.

Season of the Worthy's Seraph Tower public event introduced a new variant of Frame built by Rasputin called Heavy Frames, which can be spawned in during the activity to aid Guardian forces by players with certain Bunker upgrades unlocked. In addition regular Rasputin frames also appear in bunkers and in the mission "Into the Mindlab".

In the Bunker E15 lost sector on Europa, there are several frames that are trapped in some sort of Vex cage. Releasing them results in them assisting you in completing the lost sector.

Numerous Frames serve as the crew of the H.E.L.M., where they can be seen performing tasks and analyses.

Many 99-40 Frames are present on the Derelict Leviathan, where they give out a number of Patrol missions.


Frames are occasionally encountered as allies in activities. They are usually armed with an Auto Rifle, but sometimes wield Rocket Launchers. While they wear different liveries, they all share the same simplistic combat patterns. They generally stand still or walk in a set path, stopping to fire at the closest enemy they encounter. They don't do much damage, but since they are immune to all attacks, they can be useful for drawing enemy fire. They also count as allies for the purpose of effects that activate when near an ally, such as the Runneth Over Weapon Origin Trait.

Known Frames[edit]

55-30 Class Frames

99-40 Class Frames

Tower Frame quotes[edit]

Sweeperbot quotes

  • *hissing noise* "Oh no... Whistling protocol broken."
  • "Error code: Caterpillar."
  • "Reporting broom stolen, Broom stolen!"
  • "Oh no, no, no, no, no!"
  • "I have nothing!"
  • "Whoever has the broom, please bring it back soon. There is so much...sweeping to do."
  • "Have you seen my broom?"
  • "Is theft from a frame a crime?"
  • "They celebrate lost souls, but what about lost things?"
  • "Where is it? Where is it?!"
  • "What does the broom say? Broom Broom."
  • "All is lost....All. is. lost!"
  • "Malfunctional frame...will report for recycling..."
  • "I have lost, a part of me..."
  • "But in that sweep of death, what dreams may come?"
  • "Dust to dust to dust to dust!?"
  • "Who is the thief? Who is the thief..."
  • " meaningless..."
  • "Somebody help me!"
  • "What is my purpose?"
  • "They have candy, I have nothing!"
  • "What is my purpose?"
  • "It has evenly spaced bristles, and a handle that fits me. Please find it!"
  • "Out, out, little purple candle..."
  • "Woe is me."
  • "Is changing jobs too late in the system cycle?"
  • "Dark purple candle..."[7]


City Frames

Vanguard Frames

Redjack Frames

Braytech Frames

Lunar Frames

Rasputin Frames

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