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Heavy Frame
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Heavy Frames are a class of Frames created by the Warmind Rasputin. Their main purpose is to protect key assets of Rasputin and to provide heavy support for the Seraph Towers, Seraph Bunkers and Legendary Lost Sectors. There are two variants, one with yellow highlights simply titled "Heavy Frame", and a more powerful red-highlighted one sporting pulsating warmind energy nodes titled Elite Heavy Frame.


Heavy Frames are large and powerful, and are immune to all damage, with bullets notably ricocheting off of them. Their primary fire is a large beam of red energy, similar to the effects seen with all of Rasputin's technology. This can do serious damage, though it can struggle to deal with Majors. For that, they have access to a last resort attack, where they will glow with energy and run towards the nearest enemy, blowing up when close enough. This can deal huge damage, killing Elites easily and leaving even Champions with a sliver of health. Elite Heavy Frames have a faster fire rate on their weapons, which also deal more damage.

Heavy Frames and Elite Heavy Frames could be summoned during Seraph Towers, Seraph Bunkers and Legendary Lost Sectors with the appropriate bunker upgrades. They were a considerable help, both with their beams and their explosions. They had a cooldown before they could be summoned again, from specific platforms.[1]

Rasputin deploys Elite Heavy Frames, though titled as Heavy Frames, to help aid The Guardian in their assault on Seraph Station in the ABHORRENT IMPERATIVE Mission. They appear in various rooms and will help draw fire away from the player during these sections and can take out groups of packed enemies. These Heavy Frames do not self destruct.[2]


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