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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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A Major is a high-level enemy of any species or class. They can be distinguished by their yellow health bars and sometimes a unique name. These enemies have more health and attack power than regular enemies, and can even be equipped with absorption shields. Majors can appear anywhere from Patrols to Raids and can come in the form of any enemy. In Destiny 2, Major enemies are guaranteed to drop Power ammo, which makes them priority targets if the player uses their Power weapon much.







  • Tortured Vandal
  • Tortured Captain
  • Tortured Thrall
  • Tortured Acolyte
  • Tortured Wizard
  • Tortured Knight
  • Tortured Goblin
  • Tortured Hobgoblin
  • Tortured Minotaur
  • Tortured Psion
  • Tortured Phalanx
  • Tortured Centurion
  • Various more


  • Certain Majors have a delayed spawning glitch which gives them extra health and attack power of several Majors. A notable example is Randal the Vandal.

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