Blood Guard Legionary

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Blood Guard Legionary
Bloodguard Legionary.jpg




Red Legion Blood Guard


Drill Security


The Inverted Spire




800 lbs.

Combat information


Cabal Slug Shotgun
Cabal Frag Detonator


Arc Shield
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Limited Flight
Strafe Thrusters
Guard Drill Site
Sword Lunge


Blood Guard Legionaries are a Major Red Legion variant of the Legionary. They can be seen guarding a drill site on Nessus during The Inverted Spire Strike.


Blood Guard Legionaries are more difficult to dispatch of than a typical Legionary. They come with heavier armor and are equipped with an Arc absorption shield that allows them to take large amounts of punishment. Their Cabal Slug Shotguns deal high damage at medium range, far outpacing the range of Shotguns wielded by Guardians. However, they also wear gauntlets on their wrists that carry a blade extension. This blade can be fired as a projectile which explodes shortly after contact with a surface and used to slash or lunge opponents as a melee weapon. This combination of durability and flexible firepower make Bloodguard Legionaries a high priority foe that must be focus-fired by energy weapons.


Known Blood Guard Legionaries[edit]

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