Bracus Han'uk, Coalition Ally

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Bracus Han'uk, Coalition Ally




Imperial Cabal


Boarding Party Member






Patrol Derelict Leviathan

Combat information


Cabal Slug Shotgun


High Durability
Rapid Movement
Rapid Firing
Limited Flight


Bracus Han'uk, Coalition Ally is a Cabal Legionary and a Bracus of the Imperial Cabal. They are one the three members of Caiatl's boarding party that can be called to Royal Pools of the Derelict Leviathan.[1]


Bracus Han'uk adorns armor similar in design to Blood Guard Legionaries, but dark-grey and blue in color, with a large, gold symbol emblazoned on their chest plate, and two crests on their back. Unlike their Red Legion counterparts, however, they lack a wrist blade and are mostly bare, except for some cloth wrapped around them. They come equipped with a Cabal Slug Shotgun, typical of most Legionaries.

A beacon of the Imperial Cabal can occasionally appear in the Royal Pools of the Derelict Leviathan, on the far left corner of the area from the where you enter. Upon being activated, a boarding party will be summoned, consisting of two of the following three potential coalition allies: Bracus Gaa'ron, Bracus Han'uk, and Optus Siluu. Seconds after they arrive, several hordes of Scorn will begin to spawn nearby. You will then have to fight your way through the enemies until you reach the other side of the area. After you have killed enough Scorn, they will call upon their champions, Au'gor, Devoted of Calus, and Jai'ek, Supplicant of Calus, to assist in repelling you and your Imperial Allies. If you are successful in eliminating both of the bosses in time, you can claim loot from the chest that spawns, and you will be awarded the 'At the Behest of the Empress' Triumph. The boarding party will leave the area not long after the event has concluded.

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