Dust Giants

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Dust Giants
Grimoire Dust Giants.jpg


Shock and Reserve Force


Valus Ta'aurc (potentially)


Cerberus Vae III
Valley of the Kings
Giants' Pass


Meridian Bay, Mars

"Position compromised. Casualties unsustainable. Request heavy air. Request [Dust Giants]."
Cryptarch translation of Sand Eater tactical chatter

The Dust Giants are an elite Cabal detachment stationed on Mars, comprised of highly trained veterans of the Sand Eaters.


Recruited from Sand Eaters, Dust Giants serve as a mobile shock and reserve force, reinforcing crumbling lines during major Vex offensives.[1] They can be identified by their dark green armor with orange trim. They also led the Siege Dancers through their affiliation with Valus Ta'aurc, who was commander of the land ship Cerberus Vae III and later assassinated by a fireteam of Guardians in order to cut off their leadership.

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