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"Why couldn't the other Iron Lords have followed your lead, huh? 'Perun, in shadow clad, behind the shield / through cleansing fire our hiding foes revealed'".
"Did you just make that up right as I walked in here?"
"Of course I did! You're iambic! You give me something to work with!
— Lady Skorri and Lady Perun

Skorri was a Warlock and one of the famous Iron Lords.[2] A singer for the lost of the battlefield and a singer of the Sun on it[3], Skorri was gifted at lifting the spirits of her comrades in any situation.


"You're STILL working on the Iron Song? Why don't you just change the meter if it bothers you so much?"
"Change the— are you kidding me? Why don't YOU just change to using a... a whip? Change the meter'. Unbelievable.
Lord Gheleon and Lady Skorri

Skorri was an Iron Lord, faithfully fighting against the both the Warlords who had taken the Earth, and the Fallen who threatened humanity. Skorri was known for creating and singing impressive songs to honor Lords who permanently fell in battle, especially for composing the Iron Song, designed to commemorate her closest allies. Skorri took great time and care to create this particular song, as she sought to include the names of all her allies in the song, even though their names were difficult to match to the rhythm.[4]Creating the time took so much work that Skorri dedicated time that was meant to be used to prepare for battle to this song.[5] However, even when it seemed like she was focusing on composing, she was always ready to fight when the time comes.[6]

Skorri was one of the many Iron Lords to venture into what would become known as the Plaguelands in search of SIVA. Out of all the Lords who went in, she was one of the nine to make it to the replication chamber in an attempt to shut down SIVA production. Along with the others, Skorri met her end in the chamber after Jolder sealed the complex.

In the present, Guardians who prove themselves worthy to Tyra Karn can take up Skorri's artifact. Those who honor her Memory are given an ability designed to support their allies as she did; when the user's super is full, the supers of allies within range recharge at a faster rate.



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