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"If I am to die, let it be in battle, with weapons in my hands and laughter in my heart."
— Lady Jolder
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Jolder was a Human female Titan and a member of the Iron Lords. A Guardian full of joy and ferocity, Jolder would run into battle without heed to her own safety.[1]


"Tell Rience he can send two. battle-paint will be for nothing."
"Not the best tactical move."
"But it'd be more fun.
— Lady Jolder and Lady Perun

According to most accounts, Jolder was a beautiful and fierce member of the Iron Lords, and a particularly close friend of Lord Saladin. As one of the first four Iron Lords, she fought alongside her friends to defeat the Warlords controlling parts of the Earth. Jolder was a confident and talented combatant, and also liked to look good for a fight.[2] Jolder was willing and able to take on any challenge presented to her.

During a campaign against a particulary tricky Warlord named Rience, Jolder was sent to engage in a single combat challenge against one of his agents to settle things. While she was preparing her makeup, Perun went to give her some advice. While Perun was worried about treachery from the opponent, Jolder wished she could face two opponents instead of one. When the battle went underway, she defeated her enemy, and the Warlord was eventually deposed.[3]

When the Warlords were all gone, and the Iron Lords established as the legendary faction they were, they turned their attention to locating SIVA. When they located the technology in what would be known as the Plaguelands, they went in, only to be opposed by Rasputin's army of Warsats, Frames, and SIVA constructs. Jolder was the one of the nine Lords to reach the replication chamber. Despite their bravery, Jolder ultimately lost alongside the others after she was infected with SIVA. She set off charges in an attempt to destroy the replicator, sealing herself and the others in the Bunker before the techno-plague could escape, leaving Lord Saladin trapped safely on the outside.

However, Jolder's explosion only damaged the chamber, and SIVA returned by the efforts of the Fallen Devil Splicers. Once the Guardians fought their way to the replication chamber, they encountered the SIVA possessed corpses of Jolder, Gheleon, and Felwinter. Using a discarded Iron Battleaxe, the Remnants were destroyed and Ghost was able to set the chamber to self-destruct, and the replication center was finally destroyed, finishing what Jolder started. Her lost helmet was recovered from the site and returned to Saladin, finally granting him peace for the loss of his close friend, placing it at the center of the Iron Temple, marking the beginning of a new generation of Iron Lords.

Those who prove themselves worthy can get Jolder's old artifact from Tyra Karn. Those who take it up have their sprint cooldown removed, an ability befitting her personality.[4]


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