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Tyra Karn
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"Centuries ago, I thought the story of the Iron Lords was finished. I see now that it was waiting for the next chapter."
—Tyra Karn

Tyra Karn is an Awoken Cryptarch who resides at the Iron Temple.[1] During the Dark Age, Tyra served as the lore-keeper for the Iron Lords, and after their defeat, she went on to help establish the Cryptarchy. With the return of SIVA, Lord Saladin convinced her to return to the Iron Temple to share her expertise on SIVA's origins with the Guardian.


"I find myself reflecting on the cyclical nature of existence. Life, death, rebirth. The Iron Temple was once a place of Light. Then the Iron Lords were lost, and Saladin turned it into a memorial. Now it will be reborn, much like that curious servitor."
—Tyra Karn

In the time of the Iron Lords, Tyra was the keeper of their stories and a close friend of Lord Saladin. Later, she helped found the Cryptarch order but withdrew from its day-to-day operation to concentrate on her studies. Tyra has dedicated decades sorting through recovered artifacts, documents, and Ghost discoveries in hopes of bringing out the undeniable truths of the past. Even today, Tyra considers herself an observer of history rather than a participant.

When SIVA returned in the hands of the Fallen Devil Splicers, Saladin was able to convince her to return to the Iron Temple to aid the Guardians in the SIVA Crisis. Tyra provided advice to seek out SIVA prototypes belonging to Clovis Bray in a research lab on Mars, a plan originally conceived by Lord Timur. After the Guardians were able to acquire the prototypes and with Shiro-4's help, she was able to find a self-destruct sequence to end the SIVA replication center in Site 6.

After the replication center's destruction, Tyra provided missions to Guardians so they could prove their worth to wield artifacts of the old Iron Lords. In addition, Tyra played a pivotal role in rebuilding the Exotic Gjallarhorn rocket launcher that led to Bannerfall, where the Guardians discovered a Fallen plot to destroy the tower. With Tyra's guidance, the Guardian was able to defeat the Fallen, save the tower and recover the rocket launcher plans.


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  • "Good, don't move, if you stay still the cleaning frames will mistake you for one of these statues."
  • "If I had a use for it, I would've kept it for myself."
  • "It is time we let the past guide our future. Lord Saladin has asked me to help you forge a mighty weapon. A powerful new Gjallarhorn for a new generation of Iron Lord. The Gjallarhorn is a weapon steeped in tradition. To do it justice, seek a challenge at the site of the Iron Lords' last battle. Find more of the Medallions worn by the Iron Lords. Then return to me."[2]



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