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The H.E.L.M. or Hub for Emergency Logistics and Maneuvers is a Vanguard operations outpost set up within a hangar of The Last City.

It is staffed by Vanguard Frames and opened shortly after the Arrival of the Black Fleet. It first came into operation to deal with the arrival of Empress Caiatl's fleet in the Sol System.


War Table[edit]

The War Table

The centerpiece of the H.E.L.M., the war table offers real-time tactical information on the current conflict the Vanguard is monitoring. A terminal on the table can be used to read messages and receive incoming transmissions from Vanguard agents for briefings and reports from the field. Members of Vanguard task forces frequently meet at the war table to discuss ongoing operations.[1]

Umbral Decoder[edit]

Confiscated from Drifter by the Cryptarchy, the Umbral Decoder and Prismatic Recaster have been refined and studied by the Cryptarchs in their ongoing effort to further understand Umbral Engrams which began to appear after the Black Fleet arrived.[2]

Other Features[edit]

The H.E.L.M. has a post box for items lost in the field for recovery, along with a terminal for accessing a Guardian's Vault. Additionally, a terminal containing intercepted messages and Vanguard reports is near the post box.

Eliksni Wing[edit]

The Eliksni Wing
Main article: Eliksni Wing
"Guardian, I greet you in the Light. It is I, Misraaks... or "Mithrax," as your people say. I speak to you through a Servitor..."
— Mithrax, Kell of Light

The Eliksni Wing is the main operational hub for the House of Light located within the H.E.L.M. It prominently houses the Splicer Servitor which was modified to supply Ether to their encampment.

Awoken Wing[edit]

Main article: Awoken Wing

The Awoken Wing is the main operational hub for the Reefborn Awoken within the H.E.L.M. It prominently houses the Wayfinder's Compass, a portal to Mara Sov's chambers and is guarded by a number of Corsairs.

Eliksni Quarter[edit]


Radio Messages[edit]

Season of the Chosen

Caiatl's Address

"Warriors of the empire. I see your fury. For years, you have waited for your leaders to reclaim you. But time has not changed your nature: Your rage becomes the swing of the cleaver, the thrust of the shield, the shout of the cannon. I send out a challenge to the remains of the broken Legion: prove your worth in battle. The ancient rites live again. The triumphant will become the first members of my war council. We are Cabal. We eat the mountains. We drink the seas."

Amanda's Cosmodrome Report

"This is Amanda Holliday, reportin' on my Cosmodrome flyovers. The Cabal set up shop on a bluff overlooking the Mothyards. Hive's been chewing on 'em pretty good, but they're dug in like ticks. You know how they are. Frigates parked overhead haven't put a single round my way. One thing I haven't seen are any civilians. I don't know how big the Cabal fleet is these days, but it's gotta be spread thin. There must be a group of carriers in deep space somewhere with all their kids and old folks aboard. The whole rest of their species. Shows how much they want payback. They're risking it all, on our turf, just for a piece of the Hive. I know this Cabal force looks like aggression, but I'd wager it's grief through and through. They ain't here for us. They're here for revenge. Goodness know, I can relate."

Caiatl's Message to Zavala

"Commander Zavala. I thought to contact you directly, free from the prying interests of... advisors. When I was a child, listening to stories of the Cabal's many rulers, I imagined that sovereignty was absolute power. The power to triumph. To spill blood. To rule. But now, I realize the ironic truth: sovereignty is a form of servitude. As empress, my people's will comes before my own. That is why Cabal forces cannot leave the Sol system empty-handed. After losing Torobatl, we cannot lose our honor. It's the only thing we have left. You offer an alliance as equals. But I offer something even more valuable: exaltation. Within our ranks, the Guardians will be revered. They will be free, as the Psions are now. They will be our most elite force - the pride of the Cabal Empire. So, for the last time, join us. For revenge against the Hive. For survival against the Darkness. Join me. Join the Cabal."

Saladin's Message to Zavala

"Commander. An attack on your life within our own walls. In the streets where the City's children play. I wish it surprised me. Every minute we waste, our enemies grow bolder. I saw it with the warlords, Zavala: give them slack, and they'll hang you with it. You must act. Remind our enemies that there are consequences when Darkness breaches our walls. Remind the people why they put their faith in the Guardians. This attack was just a taste. Next time, they'll target someone else; someone you can't save. That loss will be on you. The weight of it will crush you. Trust me."

Qalec's Execution

"Warriors of the empire. Today, we chose strength and honor over personal glory. But two of our soldiers chose to pursue their own victory — their own glory before the glory of the empire. Only one of these soldiers stands before me now. The Psion Valir faced his death with honor — but his accomplice, the Psion Qalec, chose to run. To hide. Qalec is a stain on our history. A traitor. I revoke the name Qalec, for a coward has no name under the empire. [gunshot] These traitors did not work alone. I will find the others, and they will meet this same fate. We are one Cabal, and we strike as one fist."
Season of the Splicer
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Season of the Lost
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Eliksni Wing

Awoken Wing

Radio Transmissions


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