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Attempted to assassinate Commander Zavala


"I revoke the name Qalec, for a coward has no name under the Empire."
Empress Caiatl during Qalec's sentencing and execution

Qalec was a Psion of the Imperial Cabal and a member of Yirix's conspiracy to assassinate Commander Zavala to complete Amtec's mission to avenge the deaths of Niruul, Ozletc, and Tazaroc.


After Ignovun, Chosen of Caiatl, was defeated in a Rite of Proving against Guardian champions selected by the Vanguard to determine the terms of a treaty between the Cabal Empire and Humanity, Qalec conspired with Valir to set up the assassination of Commander Zavala at the ceremony marking the end of hostilities on Nessus. While Valir accompanied Empress Caiatl to participate in the ceremony and get close to strike the final blow, Qalec set up on a nearby ridge with a sniper rifle equipped with Light-draining technology to disable Zavala's Ghost, Targe. Watching as Valir got close to the Commander with the ceremonial blade, Qalec fired and disabled the Ghost. However, Zavala's bodyguard, Crow, intercepted the fatal blow and Caiatl killed Valir. With their plot foiled, Qalec ran but was swiftly hunted down and captured by a member of Caiatl's Imperial Guards.[1]

Brought before Empress Caiatl, Qalec was forced to listen as she listed his crimes in an address to the entire Cabal Empire and denounced him as a coward for running when their plot was foiled and Valir died with honor. He was stricken of his name for his crimes and treason before being declared a stain on the history of the Cabal Empire and executed with a single gunshot as an example to any others who might follow in his example. Yirix and the remaining conspirators were subsequently hunted for by both the Empire and Vanguard.[2]

Qalec would later be recreated by the Lunar Pyramid as a Nightmare, serving the will of Emperor Calus. The assassin's phantom would be encountered by the Guardians aboard the Derelict Leviathan when the vessel reemerged in Sol, above the Moon.[3]

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