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Targe is the Ghost of Commander Zavala.


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After the arrival of the Black Fleet and disappearance of several worlds in the Solar System due to an assault by the Darkness, Targe began to take extra care of Zavala due to the enormous stress he was under. Part of this routine of care included shutting down the tactical screens in Zavala's office when he felt that the Commander was no longer processing the reports in the middle of the night.[1]

Targe joined Zavala and "Osiris" at a meeting with Empress Caiatl of the Cabal to discuss a possible alliance against the Black Fleet and the Hive. Targe listened closely to the negotiations but did not interject. After Zavala refused to bow and join the Cabal Empire to secure the alliance, Targe quickly deformatted in anticipation of a fight as Caiatl's bodyguards raised their weapons, but the Empress allowed them to leave without a fight.[2]

Several weeks later, Targe accompanied Zavala in a midnight stroll through one of the Last City's first gardens. He believed his stressed Guardian should have been getting a full night of sleep instead of walking but held back his criticism. Zavala sensed Targe's disapproval and stated that he believed a walk in the gardens was just as helpful. Targe recalled when the land had first been turned into a garden in the early days of the City and how Zavala had helped plant it despite just returning from a long and grueling patrol. His Guardian mused on far they had come and what they had survived before staring up at the Traveler and noting that it was all thanks to him. Targe was unsure if Zavala said it out of gratitude or as an accusation and joined him in gazing at the Traveler while pondering if it was truly with them or if they were on their own.[3] Their reverie was interrupted by a shouted warning from an unknown individual, which alerted them to a Psion assassin that Zavala quickly dispatched.[4]

The conflict with the Cabal came to a head soon after when the Young Wolf defeated Caiatl's champion Ignovun in ritual combat, with an armistice between the two sides as the prize. Traveling to Nessus for a ceremony to end hostilities, Targe and Zavala were joined by the Hunter known as Crow, who had been assigned as a bodyguard following the assassination attempt. However, Targe was suddenly shot and disabled by a Light-draining device that left Zavala cut off from the Traveler. One of the Psions accompanying Caiatl, Valir, attempted to strike Zavala down but was stopped by Crow and killed by Caiatl. Crow freed Targe from the device and he quickly restored the Commander's connection to the Light as Caiatl dispatched soldiers to capture the sniper who had shot Targe.[5]

Personality and traits[edit]

Unlike many Ghosts, Targe does not speak much and did not believe that giving advice was part of his calling, although he often fretted over Zavala's decisions and held back his thoughts.[3] He is regarded by Zavala to be as silent and steady as a rock.[1]


  • Targe is an Old English word for shield.

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