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"It might take some convincing to get Marc to spend some time at the Farm. He's a City dweller at heart."
— Devrim Kay ruminating on his husband Marc[1]

Marc is the husband of Devrim Kay and a former guardian of Suraya Hawthorne.


"You're going somewhere close enough that we can come and check on you as often as we like. At least for a while. That is nonnegotiable."
— Marc to Suraya as she planned to leave the Last City

Sometime after Marc married Devrim, the two adopted a recently orphaned girl named Suraya Hawthorne. They raised her to always do what she believed was right, although that belief often landed the family in trouble. When Suraya was older, Marc and Devrim were visited by Executor Hideo of New Monarchy, who accused their daughter of stealing from the faction's supplies and assaulting him when he attempted to stop her before threatening to have her punished harshly. When Suraya returned home they questioned her about the incident and she admitted to stealing in order to redistribute the hoarded supplies to people in need and that Hideo had insulted her as worthless and nothing upon discovering her. Marc and Devrim were caught by surprise when Suraya declared she would leave the The Last City to avoid drawing trouble onto the two of them, but they resolved to leave with her. However, Suraya threatened to run away if they left their life behind for her. Marc convinced her to stay close to the City so they could visit for awhile and would hold off Hideo for a day or two to enact their plan. A year after she left, Suraya decided to venture further out across Earth and bid a proper farewell to Marc and Devrim.[2]

When the Red Legion invaded the Last City and captured it, Marc and Devrim were amongst the many citizens who evacuated to the European Dead Zone, where Suraya had established a community known as The Farm. While Marc stayed in the refugee camp, Devrim volunteered to serve as a lookout and scout within the nearby ruins. After the Red War ended and the Last City was liberated, Marc returned to the Last City with Suraya, whose exile had ended thanks to her leadership during the war and close work with the Vanguard, although Devrim remained in the European Dead Zone to assist the Guardians. Marc sent frequent care packages to his husband, which included notes that Devrim would often re-read for comfort.[3]

Marc exhibits a preference for exaggeration and fancy when it comes to Devrim, likely stemming from his love for him. He told Hawthorne a tale of Devrim saving a caravan from a Fallen attack, detailing him "like he was a Dawnblade, wings of fire and all.". Devrim retorts that Marc has been reading Golden Age pulp again, borrowed from Rahool, as he had simply parachuted down to provide support to those in need.[4] In an attempt to reach a middle ground between his fanciful vision of a Dawnblade husband and Devrim's sober reality of a simple parachute drop, he proposes that Devrim certainly looked like a hero.

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