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"New Monarchy gathers adherents in the Tower, and arms them well for the Crucible."
—In-game description

Executor Hideo is a Human located within the Tower. Hideo is the representative of New Monarchy, and sells a variety of New Monarchy-branded armor, weapons, and emblems intended for use in the Crucible.[1]


Hideo is one of New Monarchy's Executors, a high-ranking position with some form of legal authority. Before joining New Monarchy, he was a Plasteel manufacturer who made generous donations to the people of the City.[2] He has a dim view of his faction's rivals, calling Dead Orbit spineless and Future War Cult "all secrets and nonsense". He also isn't pleased with the Speaker's perceived inaction or Zavala's unwillingness to join him. Instead, he puts his faith in the City and the possibility of returning to the Golden Age.[1]


  • "Maybe we should just let them go. The City's better off without them."
  • "Another?! What do you mean? Dead Orbit secured another area?! How the hell?"
  • "If the Speaker won't take charge of the Consensus, then we'll have to do it ourselves."
  • "Dead Orbit; they're low grade people. Want to cut and run. No backbone."
  • "The City looks bright from up here."
  • "The City's my home. They're asking to give up on it, I won't."
  • "They act like they're just preparing for war, but they're up to something."
  • "Fallen howling at the walls, Factions at each other's throats; can't go on like this."
  • "If Zavala would help us, I'd put him on a throne; but he won't."
  • "You've got to look at all the alternatives, not flinch. Do what has to be done."
  • "We built the Golden Age before, we can do again. Right here right now."
  • "The FWC, all secrets and nonsense."
  • "I don't get that FWC. Life sucks, boo hoo. Nothing we can do about it. Traitor talk."
  • "I don't get those War Cult freaks. I don't even know what they're talking about."
  • "I told the Speaker, we need leadership. And... I don't know. Is he even human?"
  • "That innocent scholar act... The Cryptarchs are more of a player than they pretend."
  • "I like Shaxx; he doesn't mess around."

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