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"All things change if we wait long enough. From war to peace, from weakness to strength, from chaos to order. And this, our home, this is the place to wait."
— Hideo

Executor Hideo is a Human located within the Tower. Hideo is the Consensus representative of New Monarchy, and sells a variety of New Monarchy-branded armor, weapons, and emblems intended for use in the Crucible.[1]


Executor of New Monarchy[edit]

"If the Speaker won't take charge of the Consensus, then we'll have to do it ourselves."
— Executor Hideo

Hideo claims to have grown up starving before becoming a Plasteel manufacturer who made generous donations to the people of the City. He eventually joined New Monarchy and rose through its ranks to become an Executors, a high-ranking position with some legal authority and charged with searching for a worthy candidate to become the ruler of the Last City. Additionally, Hideo was appointed as New Monarchy's representative on the Consensus.[2] He has a dim view of his faction's rivals, calling Dead Orbit spineless and Future War Cult "all secrets and nonsense". He also isn't pleased with the Speaker's perceived inaction or Zavala's unwillingness to join him. Instead, he puts his faith in the City and the possibility of returning to the Golden Age.[1]

Upon discovering Suraya Hawthorne stealing from one of New Monarchy's supply depots to distribute to unaligned citizens of the City, Hideo berated the young activist and dismissed her as worthless and nothing. In response, Hawthorne punched Hideo in the face, breaking his nose, and then fled. The Executor subsequently visited the home of Devrim Kay and Marc, who were the guardians of Hawthorne, and declared she needed to be punished harshly and that he would use his influence to ensure she was. Hideo's fury forced Hawthorne to live on the outskirts of the City for a time before she eventually departed to explore the world.[3]

Hideo dispatched a team of Guardians aligned with New Monarchy to Mercury after they received a mysterious invitation to visit a Lighthouse there. The lead Guardian reported back on the strange beauty and odd shifts in reality present on the Vex transformed planet and how his team did not encounter any members of the Cult of Osiris but did recover the treasure that had been left for them.[4]

In the aftermath of the Taken War, Hideo came to fear that the extreme losses suffered by the Cabal at the hands of the Vanguard, Vex, and Hive would provoke a response from the Cabal Empire. He sent a field agent to Oryx's Dreadnaught to gauge the Cabal's remaining command structure. Despite the agents protest that such field work violated New Monarchy's tenants, his assessment agreed with Hideo's fears that the Cabal would respond aggressively to their defeats in the solar system.[5]

A New Golden Age[edit]

"Yes, obviously we must all join hands to rebuild, Lakshmi and Jalaal included. But I never said I'd like it."
— Executor Hideo

Hideo's fears of a Cabal reprisal were justified, as the Red Legion, led by Dominus Ghaul, assaulted the Last City two years after the end of the Taken War. As refugees fled the City, Hideo used New Monarchy's resources to care for them and get them to safety during the Red War.[6]

After the Last City was retaken from the Red Legion, Hideo met with the other members of the Consensus to discuss how to move forward with the death of the Speaker. When Zavala called the meeting to order, Hideo protested that only the Speaker could do so. Zavala and Ikora Rey noted that there were no bylaws regarding the choosing of a new Speaker and that they would have to write new ones. Hideo questioned if Zavala would take the Speaker's place as head of the Consensus in the meantime, but the Vanguard Commander told him that all the members of the Consensus would work as equals to govern the Last City.[7]

After word reached the Consensus that Guardian Ariadne Gris had painted a dragon on her Sparrow, they summoned her for interrogation due to fears of Ahamkara worship. Ariadne denied having contact with the wish dragons, but Hideo demanded to know why she had one on her Sparrow. After she proclaimed that dragons were cool, Hideo grew angry and asked her to take the inquiry seriously. Cayde-6 intervened and asked Ariadne to play nice with Hideo, causing her to explain that she really did just think the design was cool and that not all dragons were Ahamkara.[8]

At a later meeting of the Consensus, Hideo and the other members honored Callisto Yin of the Firebreak Order for having saved the Fire Victorious during the fall of the Last City. Hideo informed her that repairs to Firebreak Plaza would be done soon and that the relighting ceremony could happen the next week. However, Callisto informed the Consensus that the all members of the Firebreak Order had decided to carry a part of the Fire Victorious with them in the Ghosts in order spread the Last City's light throughout the solar system. [9]

Darkness Arrives[edit]

"We will not flee the seat of our Golden Age. Enact war-time powers. A Monarch must be chosen."
— Hideo

When a fleet of Pyramids arrived in the Solar System, Hideo attended a emergency meeting of the Consensus to plan the Last City's response. He and the other representatives were informed that the Warmind Rasputin had already attempted to destroy one Pyramid above Io but was neutralized by their foe. As Ikora and Jalaal began to argue, Hideo interrupted and declared that the Last City was unprepared because they spent too much time debating, but Lakshmi declared that all their previous conflicts had prepared them for this one. When Zavala decided to hold the fleet in reserve in case they needed to evacuate Earth, Hideo refused to consider that possibility and demanded that they invoke war-time powers to elect a monarch to lead them and end all debate. He then criticized the Vanguard for refusing them access to the Pyramid on Luna and only allowing Eris Morn access, but Ikora refuted him and stated that the best Cryptarchs had studied the data from it and found only madness. When Zavala revealed that the Warsats could not be used without Rasputin to direct them, Hideo worried that they had nothing on which to base a plan. The Commander informed them that a Hidden agent and Guardian operatives were investigating the Pyramid on Io to contain it and formulate strategies and requested that Hideo and New Monarchy provide orgazational support in relocating any arrivals to the Last City evacuated from across the system with the aid of Hawthorne, and in exchange New Monarchy would gain access to the Lunar resources. Hideo noted that although it was a late invitation, he would accept the deal. After Zavala finished making requests of the other factions, Hideo joined in on providing a consensus to their initial plans before departing the meeting.[10]

Personality and Traits[edit]

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  • "Maybe we should just let them go. The City's better off without them."
  • "Another?! What do you mean? Dead Orbit secured another area?! How the hell?"
  • "Dead Orbit; they're low grade people. Want to cut and run. No backbone."
  • "The City looks bright from up here."
  • "The City's my home. They're asking to give up on it, I won't."
  • "They act like they're just preparing for war, but they're up to something."
  • "Fallen howling at the walls, Factions at each other's throats; can't go on like this."
  • "If Zavala would help us, I'd put him on a throne; but he won't."
  • "You've got to look at all the alternatives, not flinch. Do what has to be done."
  • "We built the Golden Age before, we can do again. Right here right now."
  • "The FWC, all secrets and nonsense."
  • "I don't get that FWC. Life sucks, boo hoo. Nothing we can do about it. Traitor talk."
  • "I don't get those War Cult freaks. I don't even know what they're talking about."
  • "I told the Speaker, we need leadership. And... I don't know. Is he even human?"
  • "That innocent scholar act... The Cryptarchs are more of a player than they pretend."
  • "I like Shaxx; he doesn't mess around."
  • "I grew up starving. If I’m in charge, no one else will."

Destiny 2[edit]

  • "We are honored to serve the City."
  • "Always good to see you, friend."
  • "Something to say?"
  • "New Monarchy has many interests, and we pay well."
  • "You have news?"
  • "I am in favor of these Faction Rallies. They might not bring us together, but the City and its people will benefit."
  • "Take your time."
  • "I have no doubts whatsoever that New Monarchy will win this Faction Rally."
  • "I am sure that with a little demonstration of our capabilities, the Consensus will be inclined to hear about our initiatives."
  • "Here is a leader."
  • "Together, we will keep this City safe."
  • "Dead Orbit are fearmongers. And the War Cult? They're too secretive to be trusted with any real power."
  • "It's always good to see a Guardian flying the New Monarchy banner."

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