Quria, the Dreaming Mind

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Quria, the Dreaming Mind
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Quria, the Dreaming Mind, also known as the Blade Transform, is a Vex Axis Mind Hydra that was Taken by Oryx, the Taken King.[2]

The Vex originally created the Blade Mind with the objective of conquering Oryx's throne world and to unravel the secrets that governed it by gaining an understanding of the Sword Logic. Quria was unsuccessful in its campaigns against Oryx and was Taken, but notably retained its will. The Mind was later gifted by the Taken King to his sister, Savathûn, the Witch-Queen. Following his death, Quria served as the Taken commander for Savathun after mastering the ability to Take through its simulations of Oryx.[3]

Later, Quria played an integral role in being the architect of the Endless Night.


Birth of the Vex Blade

"I have to kill everything... Then I will be powerful."
— Quria

The origins of Quria emanates from an ancient conflict between the Vex and the Hive. Crota, Son of Oryx once aspired to match the powers of his sister's and cut open a wound into an unknown region of space with the goal of obtaining new secret power, however, he unknowingly released the Vex onto the throne world of Oryx, the Taken King.[4] The machines quickly dominated his father's throne and constructed large problems to understand the rules of the realm, however they lacked the ability to understand the Sword Logic and perplexing geometry of the world. The Vex then reformulated their strategy and sent the problem to a higher consciousness known as the "ritual-of-better-thoughts" who manifested a new Axis Mind into existence named Quria, Blade Transform. The Mind was built with aim of deducing the metaphysical framework that governed Oryx's realm. Quria deduced the secrets of the Sword Logic and understood that for the Vex to succeed they must kill everything to become powerful as only the strongest entities were able to rule and with the ultimate aim to survive anything in the universe.[5]

Soon it summoned a warrior class of Vex to flood the realm through the portal. Crota attempted to fight these large Vex, but they teleported away and slaughtered thousands of Hive in order to establish themselves as new powers and to usurp the established hegemony.

Quria, Blade Transform invading the throne world of Oryx.

The Hive pantheon launched their own attack against the Vex incursion when the Deathsinger twin sisters of Ir Anûk and Ir Halak constructed an Annihilator Totem to repel the Vex, whilst Crota attempted to close the gate he opened. Quria prevented this by positioning itself on the other side of the portal and built a device to keep it open. The Mind still had an unfinished directive to attain divinity and organised a series of test invasions to better exploit the paracausal physics of the world. For centuries the Hive and Vex clashed against each other and suffered major casualties when they ventured to the opposite worlds. A stalemate ensured as neither race was able leave their origin world as the Vex were annihilated in the throne world, whilst the Hive lost too much power to win in the Vex world.[5]

The Blade Mind became sharper in its understanding when it captured worm larvae for experimentation. It discovered that the Hive worshipped the worms and realised that by directing worship towards the worm would grant Quria the ability to alter their reality with mild ontopathogenic side effects. In brief terms an infection that plagues very existence of a thing. With quick efficiency, Quria created a new priesthood and directed its subminds to believe in worship of the worms. They then set out to abduct and kill dangerous organisms to bootstrap, in computational term, itself into the Hive godhood. For some reason only known by the Vex, Quria refrained itself from introducing a worm into its own organic mind fluid, possibly because its observations of the Hive revealed the dangers of the parasitic symbiosis.

The Witch Queen, Savathûn, laughed at the ordeal as she was the principal reason for influencing her arrogant nephew into cutting that region of space. This caught the attention of the worm god, Eir, who commanded the Taken King to bring order and to extinguish the forces of Quria.[5]

Simulating the Taken King

Oryx returned to his throne world and quickly turned the Vex against each other with his Taken abilities and proceeded to send some into the Vex world through the wound opened by Crota. Quria attempted to fight the former Vex by employing a range of tactics against them, but was unable to adapt to the new threat. The Vex incursion came to an end when Oryx banished his son, Crota, into a Vex gate as punishment. Meanwhile Oryx reflected on the Vex and thought he found a worthy rival. His conversation with Savathûn revealed the nature of the Vex who sought to understand everything so they are primed as the last victors of the universe in its end stages. Quria's invasion highlighted a fundamental weakness within Oryx's throne world and inspired its reinterpretation by constructing the Dreadnaught.[6]

The Blade Mind later ambushed the Taken King inside the Nicha Thought-ship after he destroyed the Harmonious Flotilla Invincible war fleet with his newly constructed ship.[6]

A Deceitful Gift

The Taken of Quria

Following the Red War, Hidden agents reported unusual activity on the moon of Io where they observed the Taken behaving strangely with the Vex. The Guardian was enlisted by Ikora Rey to investigate and found the Vex imprisoned within Taken containment rifts.[7] This raised alarms and Asher Mir noted that the absence of their King, Oryx, meant the Taken shouldn’t have the capacity to capture even the most dim-witted of Goblins. The Guardian then tracked a Vex distress signal broadcasted from the Spine Burrows and confronted a Taken Knight bearing the name of Quria called Ir Arok. As they attempted to challenge the Tongue of Quria, it disappeared as Elatiox, Beloved of Quria appeared to battle them, but was quickly defeated.[8]

Ikora feared the Taken may have found new leadership and asked the Guardian to investigate a Cabal base that reportedly had a lot of Taken activity. They found more Vex were being abducted through dimensional rifts and trapped within containment fields and forcefully transformed into Taken by drowning them in the Blights energies.[9] As they ventured into the main Taken conversion site, Ir Arok was spotted again, but left the scene. Nearby an imprisoned Hydra transformed into Erosus, Spawn of Quria after being corrupted by the Blights energies. Following its defeat, Ikora suspected that the Taken were now building an army. The Taken were later spotted near the Pyramidion and the Guardian finally cornered Quria's commander, Ir Arok, near the wrap gate of the Vex Collective. While the Tongue of Quria met its demise, some Taken however got through the Vex warp gate.[10]

The Dreaming Curse

"Quria is the key. The Mind simulates Oryx, and thereby masters the power to Take. But of course, Quria is no power unto itself."
— Toland

When Riven met its demise at the hand of the Guardians, it fed on their collective wish to save the Dreaming City and granted a Last Wish where it manifested a Taken Curse. The Hive with the assistance of the directionless Taken were able to assault the City and targeted important temples and relics that contained many Awoken secrets. The Guardian took to action and defeated the Disciples of Quria, Inkasi and Ur Haraak, that were lurking within the lost regions of the City and prevented the Grasp of Quria, Vaksari, from enacting a restoration ritual within the Ascendant Plane.

They defeated the Curse at The Shattered Throne, however, the Curse took its true shape whereby the Dreaming City entered a state of perpetual time loop in which past events repeated themselves every 3 weeks and tied to the death of Dûl Incaru. Ghost noted that the closest records pointed to Vex simulations, but believed the Curse was far too cruel to be a simulation.[11] Osiris shared his thoughts to Petra Venj and reported that only Vex simulations were capable of this level of fidelity, but due to no Vex presence within the City, they believed the Taken and Hive were behind this.[12] In the third cycle, Ghost observed that the timing of the loop felt like clockwork similar to a Vex simulation. Sedia agreed and suspected that a Vex Mind may have helped orchestrate the Curse, but went no further with details.[13]

When the Guardian came into contact with Toland in the Ascendant Plane, he explained that the Curse was a prototype to something far more cunning and mentioned that Quria was the key.[14][15] Its paracasual state of being Taken allowed it to fully simulate the Taken King to command the Taken and to Take, but Toland noted that the Mind did not have the power itself.[15] Quria's ability to Take differed to the King who was able to transform beings at will, whilst the new Taken army were previously observed to have been transformed through the overexposure of Blights.

A Lie to Power

As more weeks progressed, the Guardian received a series of cryptic messages encoded within glimmer that purportedly spoke truth to power. The very nature of speaking truth to power is a non-violent political tactic employed by dissidents against an established authority. Previously, Savathûn noted that Oryx's own doctrines were filled with lies and now attempted to challenge those Hive ideas with her own. However, these messages were a tool by Savathûn to express her radical Hive ideas and to manipulate the perceptions of the Guardian through a convoluted mess of lies and half truths.

Quria's Interference

Prior to the arrival of Black Fleet into the Solar System, Nokris sought an audience with his aunt, Savathûn, and both came to an accord to exchange secrets. The Witch Queen desired Nokris’s knowledge of Necromancy, whilst the High Priest wanted to witness the talents of the Dreaming Mind, Quria. Nokris was then instructed act as an interference between the Pyramids and Guardians.[16] To aid his efforts, Quria began to direct its force onto the moons of Io and Titan which allowed the Taken to draw power from the nearby infestations of Darkness.[17][18] As the Guardians attempted to make contact, the Wills of Quria intercepted them on various fronts. Eris Morn noted that Savathûn commanded great strength to wield Quria and believed the presence of Quria's Taken on Titan meant the Queen was threatened by the communications between the Pyramids and Guardians.[17][19]

The Endless Night


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