Vezuul, Lightflayer

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Vezuul, Lightflayer
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Solar Chieftain

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The Wellspring: Defend


SolarS.png Scorn Cannon


Summon Scorn
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Immunity Shield
SolarS.png Ether Torch
KineticS.png Ultra Smash
SolarS.png Burn


Vezuul, Lightflayer is a powerful Solar Scorn Chieftain and one of the four daily-rotating bosses of the Wellspring activity. He, along with his Scorn followers, launch an assault on the Wellspring in attempt to destroy it and the Guardians sent to repel the attack.[1]


Vezuul is one of the two rotating bosses of The Wellspring: Defend. He is encountered where the Resonant Splinter is first located in the Attack version of the activity. After you have finished all of the other objectives, interacting with the Darkness artifact will begin the boss fight, and the Chieftain will spawn alongside multiple Scorn enemies to provide support for him. Vezuul comes equipped with Torch Ether Totems and a Scorn Cannon, which can quickly fire high-impact, explosive projectiles from long distances. He can create large pools of fire by stomping the ground, knocking players back and causing increased solar damage. Small groups of weaker Scorn enemies will frequently come to aid him, and much larger hordes of combatants when he loses significant amounts of health.

After losing enough health, the Chieftain will summon an immunity shield and retreat down to the bridge of the Court of Thorns via teleportation. Once the Fireteam has pursued him there, he will call upon large numbers of Scorn reinforcements to overwhelm you. In order to take down his defenses, players must neutralize the Crux of Darkness in the area by destroying the two Pyramid Spikes beside it. Doing this will lower Vezuul's immunity shield, allowing you to continue the boss fight. This process must be repeated another two times after this when the Chieftain regains his shield and teleports further away. The amount of Pyramid Spikes that must be destroyed will increase by two with each Crux. After the third Crux has been neutralized, Veezul will be completely vulnerable, and players may finally defeat him.



  • When the Witch Queen launched, both Vezuul and Zeerik were the only Scorn with purple armour.

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