Brutiks, Lightbane

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Brutiks, Lightbane
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The Ghosts


SolarS.png Giant Flame Censer


SolarS.png Censer Wave
SolarS.png Burn
Summon Scorn
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Immunity Shield
KineticS.png Ultra Smash


"The Scorn are supposed to be mindless. But these... they're powerful. Organized."
The Ghost

Brutiks, Lightbane is a giant Scorn Ravager who appears within the Temple of the Wrathful, and is the final boss of The Ghosts Mission. It is shown to be powerful enough to rival the strength of Reksis Vahn, the Hangman, so much so that the Ghost even questions whether or not it might be a new Baron.[1]


Brutiks is first encountered by the player when they enter the depths of the Temple of the Wrathful. The Ravager possesses an immunity shield and cannot initially be damaged. It will slowly advance towards the player to swing at them with its Flame Censer. There are four openings at each corner of the arena, three of which are marked by large projections of Hive runes. The path that does not have a rune is a trap, and two Luminous Eye Shriekers will spawn if one goes into it. The other three will each lead to crystal, protected by an immunity shield and a group of Scorn combatants. To destroy the crystals, one must kill the Shimmering Chieftains guarding them, which will disable the crystal's shield. Once all three are gone, a final crystal will appear in the center of the main area. Destroying it will disable Brutiks's shield, but it will immediately teleport away.

The player will have to progress through the mission to reach the Shell of Sagira, located in the final arena. The layout of this arena is different from the one before; there are only three, shorter paths, and none of them lead to a trap, but the mechanics of the boss are the same as before; destroying all crystals will render the boss vulnerable to damage. Upon arriving, the Ravager will spawn alongside a Shimmering Chieftain and a shielded crystal, which is the only crystal needed for the first damage phase. After that, the player will have to enter the smaller rooms and destroy the crystals inside them. This must be done twice in the duration of the boss fight, and Brutiks can be brought down a third of its health each round. The Lightbane will follow the players around the arena, but will not enter a subsection while it is marked with a Hive rune. It can still launch its flame wave attack through it, and will go inside if a player lingers in after destroying the crystal, even if it is still invulnerable. Once all crystals are destroyed, several Scorn enemies will arrive to fight alongside their leader. Brutiks will also begin charging at the players to attack with its censer.


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