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The Investigation


The Communion

The Ghosts


Destiny 2


The Witch Queen




Savathûn's Throne World


Investigate Savathun's Throne World and learn more about the Hive Ghosts

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The Ghosts is the third mission of The Witch Queen expansion.


  • Locate Savathûn's Secrets.
  • Locate Sagira.


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Ghost: Fynch, we're nearing the Hive temple you mentioned-

Fynch: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey! Careful using my name out there! I don't need the Lucent Hive catching on to our… “friendship.”

Ghost: Okay, okay. We‘ll be careful.

The Guardian encounters and defeats warring Lucent Hive and Scorn.
The Guardian defeats a Lightbearer Wizard.
The Guardian begins to enter the temple.

Ghost: So, Fynch, mind telling us exactly it is what we're looking for?

Fynch: Oh, y'know, what's his name- that old Warlock, Osiris? Yeah, it's his Ghost. Well… was his Ghost.

Ghost: Wait… you mean Sagira?

Fynch: Th-that's the one, yeah! You know what happened to her? How she… hm, you know…

Ghost: Xivu Arath came for her… backed her into a corner. But clearly Savathûn found her shell, impersonated Osiris.

Fynch: Huh, I see. That must've been part of her play to steal- the Light, I mean.

Ghost: Sure seems that way.

Fynch: I'm… I'm sensing some skepticism.

Ghost: We don't know you, but you're very eager to trust us. Makes me uneasy.

Fynch: Hey, hey, hey now- I am taking a huge risk trusting you too, y'know. I bet you change your tone once you find Sagira.

Ghost: If we find her. Then we can talk trust.

The Guardian enters the Temple of the Wrathful. They engage with warring Lucent Hive and Scorn.
Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted.
The Guardian defeats two Lightbearer Acolytes.
The Guardian defeats the Lucent Hive.
A horde of Scorn appear.

Ghost: More Scorn! What are they even doing here?

The Guardian defeats the Scorn and the entrance opens.
The Guardian enters a cave.

Ghost: More traitorous Ghosts serving the Hive. Good riddance. They deserve what they get.

Fynch: Oh, so by that logic, I should be crushed into pieces too.

Ghost: You turn tail back to the Hive? Then yeah, maybe.

Fynch: That's, uh, some pretty blind judgement there, my friend.

Ghost: Meeting you confirmed a suspicion: siding with the Hive was a choice, and you all made it willingly.

Fynch: Look, making a choice does doesn't always mean you have multiple options, y'know.

Fynch: Look, I am not saying buddying up with the Hive was right, and yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah- maybe a lot of us do deserve what's coming.

Fynch: But me- I'm just trying to right my wrongs. That's gotta count for something.

Ghost: I guess we'll see.

The Guardian encounters Scorn.
The Guardian find's their way out of the cave and encounters a Scorn Walker.

Ghost: A Walker! The Scorn aren't playing around.

The Guardian defeats the Scorn Walker.
The Guardian enters another part of the temple
The Guardian kills a Shimmering Chieftain to break the shield around a crystal and destroy it.
A gateway opens. The Guardian crosses the platforms.

Ghost: So to get this straight: we're heading into a dangerous temple, filled with deadly Scorn, to find Sagira, who was placed there by Savathûn.

Fynch: We'll that's… about the gist of it, yeah.

Ghost: And this definitely isn't some kind of trap?

Fynch: Ah, come- look, interrogate me all you want, but I am not hiding anything- I promise.

Ikora: Honesty goes a long way with my Guardian.

Fynch: Is that-

Ghost: Ikora Rey. A leader of the Vanguard. I signalled her, just in case.

Ikora: Let's call it insurances… a watchful eye. In case your actions differ from your words.

Fynch: Ikora Rey, wow! It's, uh, yeah, whoa. I always wanted to work for the Vanguard.

Ikora: With, not for. Do right by us, and we can discuss a more permanent role once Savathûn is dealt with.

The Guardian arrives at the top of the temple.
A horde of Scorn appear
The Guardian kills two Shimmering Chieftain to destroy two crystals.
The Guardian destroys a shield crystal at the centre to open the entrance at the top.

Ghost: That's the last of them. Let's head down.

The Guardian jumps down the entrance.
A horde of of Scorn appear,led by the ravager Brutiks, Lightbane. Who has a shield.

Ghost: That was a giant Scorn. Was that… a Baron?

Fynch: Eh, might be seeing things. The Barons are supposed to be dead.

The Guardian kills a Shimmering Chieftain and destroys a shield crystal.
The Guardian kills a Shimmering Chieftain and destroys a shield crystal.
Luminous Eyes appear

Ghost: This can't be right! Run!

The Guardian kills a Shimmering Chieftain and destroys a shield crystal.
The Guardian destroys a shield crystal in the Middle, opening the entrance. Brutiks, Lightbane flees deeper into the temple.

Ghost: Whatever that giant Scorn was, it's taunting us. It must know what we're after.

The Guardian goes down the entrance into a cave.

Ghost: The Scorn are supposed to be mindless. But these… they're powerful. Organized.

Ikora: If they act, it's because someone's telling them to.

Ghost: The Fanatic would be a safe bet.

Fynch: Oh, you mean Fikrul? The leader- uh, former leader of the Barons?

Ikora: Perhaps. He was driven from the Tanglad Shore not long ago.

Fynch: Eh, I don't think it's him.

Ikora: And you know this how?

Fynch: Well… the Throne World's bathed in Savathûn's Light, right? Supposed to be a capital P powerful, keep anything dark out.

Fynch: And yet, somehow the Scorn found a way in. Makes you think they found some sort of power to match, doesn't it, huh?

Ikora: Then we don't yet know what we're dealing with here. For now, keep focused on the task at hand Guardian.

The Guardian interacts with Deepsight, creating platforms.
The Guardian interacts with Deepsight, creating platforms.
The Guardian finds an entrance and jumps down, discovering Sagira's shell.

Ghost: There! Sagira!

Brutiks, Lightbane appears.
The Guardian destroys kills a Shimmering Chieftain and destroys a shield crystal.
The Guardian destroys kills a Shimmering Chieftain and destroys a shield crystal.
The Guardian destroys kills a Shimmering Chieftain and destroys a shield crystal.
The Guardian destroys kills a Shimmering Chieftain and destroys a shield crystal.
Brutiks, Lightbane is killed

Ghost: That was no Baron… but it felt just as powerful. What are we dealing with here?

Fynch: Uh, I wouldn't stick around to find out, if I were you. Grab Sagira and go, okay?

The Guardian interacts with Sagira. A memory is revealed

Savathûn: I stand before a being with a thousand names. It whispers one: The Witness.

Savathûn: Remember it. Remember that name.

Memory ends

Ghost: Did anyone else hear that?

Ikora: Sounded like Savathûn.

Ghost Who's “the Witness”?

Ikora: No clue. I've never heard that name before.

Fynch: Hey, that's exciting though, right? A lead!

Ghost: What's most exciting is that you were telling the truth.

Fynch: Trust earned, then, huh? Yeah?

Ikora: Call it cautious optimism for now. Your guidance yielded results. But let's not forget , Savathûn remains at large.

Fynch: We’ll, hopefully not for long if we have anything to say about it. I just want to expose Savathûn, y'know, stop whatever game she's playing.

Ghost: You can be sure we'll hold you to that. In the meantime, what should we do with Sagira?

Ikora: I'm not sure how we heard that voice from it, but I have a theory. Bring her back to me as soon as you can.

Ikora: And good work. All of you.

{End Mission:The Ghosts}


Hive - Lucent Brood


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