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The Last Chance


Destiny 2


The Witch Queen




Savathûn's Throne World

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The Ritual is the tenth story mission of The Witch Queen expansion, and the final mission of the Campaign.


  • Storm the Fortress
  • Stop Savathûn's Ritual
  • Reach Savathûn's Ritual
  • Confront Savathûn
  • Pursue Savathûn
  • Defeat Savathûn's Illusions


Ghost: The Traveler!

Ghost: Ikora, the Traveler is already here. I think we're too late.

Ikora: We are in the domain of the god of cunning. Things are never what they seem.

Ikora: It's not too late. I can feel it.

The Guardian storms through the Queen's Bailey.

Ghost: Now that the Traveler sees what Savathûn is doing, why won't it take the Light away from her?

Ghost: Why is it just letting this happen?

Ikora: I don't know why. We may never know. But we know what we need to do to protect the Last City.

Ikora: Stop the ritual. Protect our connection to the Light. Humanity needs you. Both of you.

The Guardian enters the Florescent Canal

Ikora: Scorn are flocking to the entrance because of the ritual. The Hive are summoning heavy reinforcements from the portal.

Ghost: That will block our route into the fortress.

Ikora: Hold off the Hive and the Scorn as long as you can, and leave the portal to me. I'm on my way.

The Guardian defeats warring Hive and Scorn
The Guardian defeats a Lightbearer Knight
Phry'zhia, the Insatiable appears
The Guardian fights Phry'zhia

Ikora: Hold your fire, Guardian! I've got this.

Ikora appears and defeats Phry’zhia with Void Light

Ikora: Go on! I'll draw fire here.

Ikora: All that matters right now is the Traveler. Whatever you here, whatever you see, don't let it distract you from stopping the ritual.

Ikora uses Arc Light to destroy the portal blocking the entrance
The Guardian enters the Court of Thorns
Hive appear

Ikora: The Scorn are arriving by the hundreds. The ritual must be growing stronger.

Ikora: Remember the plan, Guardian. Stop the ritual by whatever means necessary. Without the Light, the Last City is defenceless.

The Guardian defeats the Hive
Lightbearer Acolyte and further Hive appear
The Guardian defeats the Lightbearer Acolyte and Hive. The barrier blocking the entrance fades
The Guardian enters

Ghost: The ritual is happening at the top of the fortress. We need to find a way up.

Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted
Lightbearer Wizard and Hive appear. The Lightbearer Wizard is shielded by Void Crystals, protected by Immunity Shields
The Guardian traverses the fortress, defeating Hive. Breaking the immunity shield around the Void Crystals. The Guardians destroys the Void Crystals, leaving two remaining
The Guardian enters portals and retrieves two Void Charges. Allowing them to destroy the two final crystals.
The Lightbearer Wizard's shield is broken. The Guardians defeats the Lightbearer Wizard
The Guardian enters a portal, taking them further up the fortress. Taking an elevator to take them further up

Savathûn: You're back! What a surprise.

Savathûn: Only joking. This throne world is indistinguishable from my own mind, Guardian. Every step taken, every bullet fired, every thought whispered…

Savathûn: I keep and count them all. Remember that.

The Guardian traverses further up the fortress. Defeating hordes of Hive
The Guardian takes a tractor beam to the Sanctum of the Brood Queen
The Guardian confronts Savathûn

Savathûn: I'm so glad you're here to see this.

Savathûn engages with the Guardian
Hive reinforcements appear
Savathûn vanishes
An Lightbearer Acolyte, Knight, and Wizard appear. The Guardians defeats the Lightbearer Hive
Savathûn reappears. The Guardian defeats Savathûn

Ghost: There's her Ghost!

The Guardian attempts to destroy Immaru, however they become threadbound, freezing them
Immaru resurrects Savathûn
Savathûn flies into the sky

Savathûn: Fight, run, fight, run. The pattern is always the same for you.

Savathûn: Don't you ever get tired of it? Don't you want to escape?

The Bridge to the island where the ritual is taking place is revealed

Savathûn: Little Ghost… you were asked to accept the Darkness. Asked to turn against your cousins. Asked to defy the will of the Traveler.

Savathûn: My Ghosts make no concessions. We serve the Traveler's true interests.

Ghost: No concessions? How stupid do you think I am? You and your siblings, you killed my friends!

Ghost: I remember Crota, and the Great Disaster!

Ghost: I remember Oryx and the Taken!

Ghost: I remember what you did to the Awoken and the Dreaming City!

Ghost: I'll never forget what happened to Sagira, to Osiris.

Ghost: I would die before I ever chose to help the Hive.

The Guardian crosses the bridge to the island. Savathûn reappears and confronts the Guardian.
The Guardian fights Savathûn

Ghost: She's too powerful! What do we do?

Ghost: We have to reactivate that portal to access the memory altar. Showing her the truth won't stop her, but we need to try.

The Guardian defeats three of Savathûn's projections
The Guardian opens the portal to where the Traveler is being held

Ghost: The portal's open!

The Guardian enters the portal

Ghost: This is a spell. Savathûn is spinning a web around the Traveler.

Ghost: We have to free it. The tethers are coming from those towers. Find a way to reach them.

The Guardian enters the portals to the different towers. Killing Wizards to break the threads

Savathûn: What do you think you're going to do? You can't stop this.

Savathûn: I know it goes against your nature, but you can still lose gracefully.

The Guardian cuts three threads

Ghost: Show her the memory, Guardian!

The Guardian reveals the memory at the center
The memory of Sathona holding the Worm Familiar appears

The Witness: [whispers]

The Witness: These frail siblings will soon be claimed by the Light… unless we claim them first.

Savathûn What is this! How did you-

The Witness: We will tell the most cunning sibling of a cataclysm. A prophecy of great loss.

Savathûn: No… no, that's not what happened. The Traveler never came to us. We were forced to choose the Deep.

Savathûn: How could I have missed this?

Savathûn: So now you want to play games? Then let's play.

The Guardian is transported back to the island. Savathûn reappears
Hive reinforcements appear
The Guardian fights Savathûn
Savathûn disappears
The Guardian re-enters the portal.

Ghost: The spell's almost broken.

The Guardian resumes cutting threads

Savathûn: So you're the expert now? The expert on me, on the Hive, on trickery. Is that what you really think?

The Guardian defeats three projections of Savathûn and hordes of Hive
The Guardian replays the memory
The memory of Sathona holding the Worm Familiar reappears

The Witness: [whispers]

The Witness: We will feed her fear. Her pride.

Savathûn: Go on, then. You know so much? Tell me who I am!

The Guardian is transported back to the island. Savathûn reappears
Hive reinforcements appear

Ghost: Take out her support first.

Ghost: Focus on those Wizards!

The Guardian defeats hordes of Hive
The Guardian defeats Savathûn

(Cutscene Begins)

Savathûn lays on the ground, defeated

Savathûn: Isn't this interesting? I miscalculated.

Savathûn: So did you, Guardian. So protective of your Traveler… that you wouldn't let me keep it safe.

Savathûn: But the Witness is coming. The game is yours to play now. Yours to win… or loss

Savathûn: Just don't say I didn't warn you.

Savathûn collapses to the ground, dead
Immaru flies over Savathûn
The Guardian looks up as the Traveler leaves Savathûn's Throne World and returns to the Last City
Immaru escapes
Ghost appears

Ghost: No… Where did her Ghost go?

Ikora: Guardian! I just got the message: the Traveler is back in the Last City. Is it done? Is Savathûn… ?

Guardian: She's dead. But her Ghost got away.

Ikora: Good enough. Hold your position. The Hidden are coming to secure the remains.

Ikora: Good work, Guardian. You did the right thing.

Ghost: Now what?

Guardian: Now… we prepare for the Witness and stop the next collapse.

(Cutscene Ends)

(New Cutscene Begins)

The Witness appears out of Darkness and begins walking down the hallway

The Witness: We have seen enough.

The Witness: The children of Sol cry out for salvation.

The Witness walks into a room with the different planets of Sol and the Traveler on the wall

The Witness: You promised them life…

The Witness: but deliver only death.

The Witness: As you have for so many before.

The Witness walks to the wall with the Traveler

The Witness: Enough.

The Witness: Enough death

The Witness opens the wall. Revealing the Black Fleet

The Witness: Enough life.

The Witness: You have no pieces left to place.

The Witness: The game is over.

The Witness begins to turns around, revealing it's face

The Witness: Do not be afraid.

The Witness turns around completely

The Witness: Your pale heart holds the key.

The Witness: This time…

The Witness: there is no escape.

(Cutscene Ends)

{End Mission:The Ritual}


Hive - Lucent Brood

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