Pirate Hideout: The Lucent Brood

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Pirate Hideout: The Lucent Brood
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Season of Plunder




16246 Cantor, Themis Cluster


Storm the Overrun Pirate Hideout and claim a lost relic.

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Pirate Hideout: The Lucent Brood is the final and eighth of the Pirate Hideouts Arena of Season of Plunder. The Guardian follows Mithrax's directions to the a hideout overrun by the Lucent Brood, only to discover that Eido is there to parley with Eramis, Kell of Darkness, and the two have been ambushed as well.[1]


  • Enter the Pirate Hideout overrun with Lucent Hive
  • Take Down the Lucent Hive
  • Search for Eido
  • Defeat Hiak'ar, Hoardseeker
  • Take Down the Lucent Hive (if any remain after the boss' defeat)
  • Break Down the Door


(Mission Begins)

  • Mithraks: "Guardian, This lair is swarming with Lucent Hive, we must not abandon caution now that our mission is coming to a close.
  • Eido: "Your Presence is not necessary."
  • Mithrax: "Eido?! What are you doing here? Are you Unharmed?"
  • Eido: "I will retrieve the last Relic myself, without violence. I— [Gasp] The Hive!"
  • Mithrax: "Guardian, find her, please! She is my light."

The Guardian fights their way through the Lucent Hive

  • Eido: "I believe i am close to the Relic. when i have it, Eramiskel will see the futility of her actions!"
  • Mithrax: "You risk yourself for her? She will never abandon her ways."
  • Eido: "No! You both must face the past! you cannot outrun it! you cannot hide it from me!"
  • Mithrax: "Eido, please! Forgive me!"

The guardian eventually makes their way and defeats Hiak'ar, Hoardseeker.

  • Eido: "[grunt]No! the door is sealed! father!"
  • Mithraks: "Eido!"

The Guardian then blows the door open to see Eramis facing and defeating a Lightbearer Hive Knight, pushing it down and out of the hideout, Mithraks then transmatting in with his blade.

  • Mithraks: "[inhales deeply] Eramis.."

Eramis turns to face him, taking a battle stance as Mithraxs hits the hilt of this blade into his chestplate and the two begin to duel

  • Eido: "Stop! She protected me!"

With Mithraks distracted, Eramis takes advantage and staggers Mithrax, who counters by blinding Eramis with his Splicer Gauntlet and bring her down, disarming and pinning her to the ground with both blades against her neck.

  • Eido: "Stop!"

Eido attempts to intervene, only for both Mithrax and Eramis to dissuade her.

  • Eramis: "[panting]Do it. Show your daughter who you really are."

After a moment of thought, he lets Eramis go

  • Eramis: "[panting] She could have had everything."

Eramis quickly forms a Stasis wall which then shatters as she makes her escape jumping down from the lair; a Ketch is seen flying from the direction Eramis dropped from as The Guardian, Eido and Mithrax look on.
(Mission end)


Hive - Lucent Brood


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