Parasitic Pilgrimage

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Parasitic Pilgrimage
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Destiny 2


The Witch Queen




Savathûn's Throne World

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Parasitic Pilgrimage is an Exotic Mission of the The Witch Queen expansion, and the final step of the Exotic Quest Of Queen and Worms. Find a way to stop the curse killing Savathûn's Worm, and extract the information he promised you.


  • Keep Savathûn's Worm alive
    • Hive Energy collected (X of 16)
  • Locate sources of Hive Light
  • Steal Concentrated Hive Light
    • Hive Light gathered (X of 3)
  • Escape the Hive Onslaught
  • Begin the Worm Ritual
  • Complete the Ritual
  • Deliver Savathûn's Worm to Mara
  • Protect Mara
    • Ritual completed [completion bar]


Florescent Canal, Savathûn’s Throne World

The Guardian approaches the Court of Thorns with Savathûn's Worm and the Hive casing from Fynch.

  • Savathûn’s Worm: Losing strength. Don’t let me die… will kill you… [screams in pain]
  • Ghost: [sighs] You’re not going to die. Just… stay with us. Those Hive wells Fynch mentioned must be around here somewhere.

The Guardian searches for the wells.

  • Savathûn’s Worm: There… ahead. A well…

The Guardian places the Worm in the well.

  • Savathûn’s Worm: [sighs wearily]
  • Ghost: Any better?
  • Savathûn’s Worm: Ack! [coughs and retches] Barely! More. Need MORE! Carry me!
  • Ghost: Carry you?!
  • Savathûn’s Worm: Need… quick relief… hurry!

The Guardian collects more Hive energy by running through more wells with the Worm.

  • Savathûn’s Worm: Handle with care! Precious cargo… And they call you a Guardian. [breathes heavily]

Court of Thorns, Savathûn’s Throne World

The Guardian continues to gather Hive energy.

  • Savathûn’s Worm: [coughing and retching] Any slower, and you might as well take… [grunts] a nap.

The Guardian collections the remaining wells.

  • Savathûn’s Worm: Sweet relief…
  • Ghost: Glad you’re feeling better.
  • Savathûn’s Worm: Only temporary. Deception Queen ran away. No surprise.
  • Queen Mara Sov: A momentary lapse of judgement, nothing more.
  • Ghost: Mara! What happened?
  • Queen Mara Sov: A story for later. First, we need to ensure the parasite’s stability. Deep in Savathûn’s palace, you’ll find Hive Light.
  • Savathûn’s Worm: Passageway nearby. Will guide.
  • Ghost: Lead the way.

Savathûn’s Worm guides the Guardian to the Hive light.

  • Ghost: We’ve got heavy Light readings here.
  • Queen Mara Sov: Take the Cryptoglyph and fill it with that energy.
  • Ghost: And what about you?
  • Queen Mara Sov: I’m here, in the Throne World, headed to the ritual site. Meet me there once you’ve gathered the energy.

The Guardian grabs the Solar, Arc, and Void Light.

  • Savathûn’s Worm: Hive don’t suffer thieves. Here they come.
  • Queen Mara Sov: Guardian, get out of there!
  • Ghost: Now would be a good time for another shortcut, worm!
  • Savathûn’s Worm: As you command.

The Guardian escapes through a portal.

Temple of the Wrathful, Savathûn’s Throne World

  • Ghost: Mara, we’re here. What now?
  • Queen Mara Sov: Place the parasite inside the space. Then you must recite the first incantation — oh no.
  • Ghost: What’s wrong?
  • Queen Mara Sov: The Scorn, many of them. Attracted by the presence of our parasitic friend, no doubt. Start the ritual, now.
  • Ghost: But we don’t know the incantation—
  • Savathûn’s Worm: I must do everything? Put me down. I’ll recite! Be kind. Keep me alive?

The Guardian places the Worm. Scorn enemies spawn and the Guardian defeats them.

If the Guardian leaves Savathûn’s Worm.

  • Savathûn’s Worm: Ow! Dying here, Guardian! Stay close.
  • Savathûn’s Worm: Ack! That… really took it… out… of me…
  • Ghost: Incantation’s complete, but the worm is dying again.

The Guardian picks up the Worm.

  • Ghost: Mara, not to be harsh, but what’s going on with you?
  • Queen Mara Sov: Before coming to you, I sought information about the “Voice in the Dark.'” The Witness. What I found… well… You could say I was granted a personal viewing of our impending doom at the hands of the Witness—its poisons piercing my mind and thoughts. I didn’t know what to do. I had no plan. I was… afraid. I remain haunted, unsure of the next move. But it must be made, regardless.

The Guardian approaches Mara.

  • Queen Mara Sov: Over here. We lack time—the Scorn send their strongest yet. Bring everything to me!
  • Ghost: Mara, you don’t have to do this. There must be another way.
  • Queen Mara Sov: Just trust me.

Mara places the Worm inside a gun.

  • Savathûn’s Worm: Wait, what is this? What have you done?!
  • Queen Mara Sov: What I said I’d do: provide you with a host. Though I guess this is really more a “prison” of Light.
  • Savathûn’s Worm: Not what we agreed!
  • Queen Mara Sov: Enough, worm. You’ll live, just like you wanted. The Scorn—they see the worm as an asset to the Witness. They will not relent until they have it. Take the weapon. Use it against them. I need to finish the ritual, or we risk our parasitic friend escaping.

The Guardian protects Mara while she finishes the ritual.

  • Ghost: It’s over.
  • Queen Mara Sov: Not quite. Our little friend here still owes us information.
  • Savathûn’s Worm: Me? Make good? After your deception?
  • Queen Mara Sov: Perhaps you’d prefer my earlier proposition of your insides lining the floor?
  • Savathûn’s Worm: Always violent. Fine. Have information. But only this. No more. Ever. Truth you seek. Humanity’s Collapse. Even the Witness deceived. The Witch Queen did its bidding. Earned its trust. Rode alongside to apocalypse. Watched many burn. But the Witness turned a violent gaze to Traveler. Witch Queen projected lies. Clever deceptions wrapped in shadow. Tides turned. Witness sent away, back amongst the stars.
  • Ghost: Are you saying Savathûn deceived the Witness? Is she the reason humanity survived?
  • Savathûn’s Worm: Not the reason. A reason. Not for humanity, but for Traveler. My promise, delivered. Will say no more. Ever.
  • Queen Mara Sov: Consider the deal upheld. This is exactly what we sought. For now, I have one final task for you—the weapon. Keep it safe and secret. We can’t afford anyone else getting their hands on the information it holds. I must leave. Parasite, it’s been… uh…
  • Savathûn’s Worm: Spare me.
  • Queen Mara Sov: Gladly.

Queen Mara Sov leaves.


Hive - Lucent Brood

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