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A Grimoire Card of Void

"Did you know it used to be controversial to harness the Void? Maybe one day the Vanguard can move past the Light entirely. I'm not holdin' my breath."
— The Drifter[1]

Void is one of several known manifestations of the Light, along with Arc and Solar. It is related to dark energy/matter and gravitational attraction, and can be wielded by Guardians to generate black holes, spatial warps, and other distortions of spacetime. It is also one of four classes of elemental damage common to all Guardian weapons.


The use of Void Light has deep metaphysical connotations, as well being associated with a number of superstitions; it has been described as "weaponizing the unknown"[2]. It was once considered taboo to use Void powers, as some viewed the Void to be "dark"; however, the Void itself is defined as being absent of Light or Darkness, and Void Light is merely a means to manipulate it and where all Void energy originates, the use of Quantum Vacuum for it’s various effects.[3]

Void isn't limited to just the usage of Gravity or Dark Matter/Energy, but the interaction of life and death too. This could be best shown with the Savathun's Song Strike where Hive Wizards ripped the light out of Guardians as Void Shards.[4] Ikora stated that the Void is negation, and Guardians would become the ultimate negators, this would make sense with some of the Guardians abilities such as Titans' Suppression Grenades and Shadowshots which negates the abilities of their enemies.[5]

Defender titans use void light to create an indestructible dome of light known as Ward of dawn.

Nightstalker hunters manifest void light to create bow of void to shoot an arrow that tethers enemies to it making them slower and more susceptible to damage known as Shadowshot.

Voidwalker warlocks use void light to hurl out a dying star known as Nova bomb.

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