Nova Warp

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A Warlock charging Nova Warp's Void eruption.

"Attunement of Fission"
— Subclass Path Description

Nova Warp is a Void Super used by Lightbearers such as Warlock Guardians and Savathûn, the Witch Queen and her Aspects.


Nova Warp works differently from Warlock's other Void super, Nova Bomb. Instead of hurling a giant Void orb forward, Nova Warp works as a transformation super. the user coats itself with Void energy, stepping between dimensions and float in midair, similar to Stormtrance. While the super is active, the user can teleport short distances in quick succession and charge and release a deadly Void eruption, disintegrating any enemies caught in the blast radius.

A variation of Nova Warp is used by Savathûn, the Witch Queen and her aspects. Instead of being a transformation, she uses it whenever enemies get too close to her, which causes her to release a single Void eruption to push them back, while also leaving a nova bomb vortex below her.

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