Aspect of Savathûn

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Aspect of Savathûn
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Lucent Brood




Lightbearer Wizard

Combat information


PsiOps Battlegrounds


SolarS.png Blade Barrage
High Durability
VoidS.png Nova Bomb
ArcS.png Vicious Light
ArcS.png Stormtrance
Rapid Flight
Midair Levitation
Summon Hive
VoidS.png Nova Warp


The Aspects of Savathûn are Light constructs created by the Hive Lightbearers in their Mindscapes.[1]


As part of The Lucent War to deter the offensive of the Lucent Brood, the Vanguard and Imperial Cabal would target the Lightbearers leading the operations. Once the Imperial Opti managed to restrain a Lightbearer, they would project a Guardian fireteam into its Mindscape. Here, the Lightbearer conjured Aspects of Savathûn, representing their faith into the Witch Queen's cause, to defend themselves from the intrusion. To combat this, the alliance created a weapon using Light-suppressing technology: the Synaptic Spear.


The Aspects of Savathûn appear as part of the final fight of a PsiOps Battlegrounds activity. They look exactly like Savathûn herself, save for a Light sheen distorting their body. Much like the Projection of Savathûn, they are capable of using many of the same abilities. Projections will hover around an area, bombarding players with an onslaught of Vicious Light, Blade Barrages and Nova Bombs. When approached, they will launch a Nova Warp around themselves, which leaves a Vortex Nova Bomb on the ground below them. They be accompanied by numerous Hive, and the fireteam will face one Aspect at the Lightbearer's first health gate, and then two simultaneously at the second.

Aspects of Savathûn are immune to all damage, though they can be affected by some debuffs, and even stunned. The only way to kill them is to use the Synaptic Spear relic, which will appear in set locations in the battlefield. When launching the spear at an Aspect, it will gain almost perfect tracking, making it easy to strike the flying foe. Once both sets of Aspects are dealt with, the Lighbearer will be unable to summon more, and one step closer to ending the battle.