Hive Trap

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Hive Traps are Hive devices capable of catching foes and leaving them vulnerable.[1]


Hive Traps can be found in areas fortified by the Hive. They cover fairly wide areas, though they are usually positioned in such a way to be avoidable through careful movement. When a Guardian steps into one, it will activate with a ghastly sound, sprouting ethereal green fangs and dragging the player to the crystal in the middle. Once caught, a player will be unable to move or jump and will slowly take damage, though they will also be at the mercy of all surrounding enemies. The trap can be escaped by firing upon the fangs once it is sprung, though swinging a Sword can launch a player out of it. The trap can also be deactivated prematurely by shooting the crystal at the center of it. A deactivated Hive Trap will return active after a short period of time though, so one should move away as soon as possible.

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