Lightbearer Wizard

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Lightbearer Wizard
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Lucent Brood

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Pulse Grenade


Darkness Blast
Healing Rift
High Durability
Midair Levitation
Rapid Flight


Lightbearer Wizards are Hive Wizards who wield the Light and have a Hive Ghost, allowing them to be endlessly resurrected so long as their Ghost is not destroyed.


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These Wizards will fly around the arena, unleashing barrages of Darkness Blasts onto their enemies and on occasion throw out Pulse Grenades, both of which deal Arc damage. They will also cast Healing Rifts onto the ground, which will regenerate the health of any Hive who stands in it. Their eyes will normally glow white, but when their Super is fully charged, they will switch to a blue hue and the Wizard will be able to cast it at any time. Upon casting Stormtrance, they swap out their Darkness Blasts for highly damaging, long-range Arc bolts in a similar manner to the Overcharged Ether blasts of Scorn Abominations. At closer ranges, they can instead call down strikes of lightning from above in a line directed toward their enemy. Upon death, their Ghost will appear and must be destroyed with a Finisher or, after ten seconds, the Wizard will respawn at full health and must be defeated again.

Known Lightbearer Wizards[edit]




  • The abilities used by the Lightbearer Wizards, which comprises of Arc attacks, Healing Rifts, and a super similar to Stormtrance makes them equivalent to Stormcaller Warlocks.