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New Pacific Arcology
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"Ooh, kind of a catchy jingle. ♪New Pacific Arcology. The next frontier is you!"

The New Pacific Arcology is a location on Titan. It was once one of the great cities of the Golden Age, but was evacuated and abandoned during the Collapse. Over the centuries, the decaying ruins have begun sinking into the moon's methane oceans and have recently become infested with Hive.


The Golden Age[edit]

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The Red War[edit]

After the fall of the Last City, Commander Zavala and Deputy Commander Sloane fled to the New Pacific Arcology with other surviving Guardians, hoping to use it as a base from which to launch a counterattack against the Red Legion. However, they were stymied by the Hive infestation. Without access to the Light, Zavala's group lacked the power to exterminate the Hive themselves. Adding to the grim situation, scavengers from the Fallen House of Dusk followed the Guardians to Titan and have established a beachhead, using the towers as junkyards.[1]



Story Missions[edit]



World Quests[edit]


  • Some of the structures in the Sinking Docks have names, such as "Kemphaan" and "Poelruiter". These are Dutch birds that usually live in wet areas, suggesting that some of the first people on Titan were Dutch. This could also be a reference to the fact that the Dutch are famous for dealing with water, or in this case, the oceans of Titan.
  • A massive Sea Monster can occasionally be seen breaching the ocean's surface.
  • The hole in Saturn's rings made by the Dreadnaught's main weapon is visible in Titan's sky from the New Pacific Arcology.


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