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New Pacific Arcology
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"Ooh, kind of a catchy jingle. ♪New Pacific Arcology. The next frontier is you!"

The New Pacific Arcology is a Destination on Titan. It was once one of the great cities of the Golden Age, but was evacuated and abandoned during the Collapse. Over the centuries, the decaying ruins have begun sinking into the moon's methane oceans and have recently become infested with Hive.


The Golden Age[edit]

A great construct of the Golden Age, the arcologies of Titan were hubs dedicated to the scientific study of the moon and the unique lifeforms that lay in its methane seas. The New Pacific Arcology was no different, being built atop the icy seafloor of the Kraken Mare in Titan's north polar region. New Pacific facilities included agriculture, zero waste recycling, and even an academy of higher education offering degrees relevant to science and engineering on Titan.[1][2][3] Its scientific endeavors included one expedition to drill into Titan's hypothesized subsurface water ocean, which was cut short with the coming of the Collapse.[4]

Despite the Arcology's peaceful public image, it is suggested that its government began to develop more violent tendencies. After Drs. Khatun-Rowe and Shanice Pell made several breakthroughs in power generation technology, they were ordered to develop their research further. While the government had claimed this was purely for the sake of improving the Arcology's pressure suits for exploration, Khatun-Rowe and David Miguel Korosec understood the order was an attempt to exploit their labor for weapons development. This appears to have been at least partially successful. Additionally, though there was a belief that governments should never use force against human beings, at least some security officers were still armed with lethal firearms.[5][4]

During the Collapse, the Black Fleet attacked Titan by creating a moon-wide tidal wave and seismic event which badly damaged the arcologies, the New Pacific Arcology included.[4] An evacuation was in progress when the Collapse began and it is currently unknown how many, if any, made it out alive. However, at least some evacuees were incinerated by Warsats.[5][6] This appears to have been part of a cover-up orchestrated by Rasputin to prevent data gathered by Dr. Pell on the Black Fleet from leaking to the public, in order to quell panic.[4]

The Red War[edit]

After the fall of the Last City, Commander Zavala and Deputy Commander Sloane fled to the New Pacific Arcology with other surviving Guardians, hoping to use it as a base from which to launch a counterattack against the Red Legion. However, they were stymied by the Hive infestation. Without access to the Light, Zavala's group lacked the power to exterminate the Hive themselves. Adding to the grim situation, scavengers from the Fallen House of Dusk followed the Guardians to Titan and have established a beachhead, using the towers as junkyards.[7] However, this changed following The Guardian's arrival. After fighting through hive and fallen to secure a control center, reactivating the power generators and obtaining a CPU from the arcology's depths, they were finally able to begin planning their counterattack. Much of the Vanguard left the arcology and sought a new base at The Farm, with only Sloane remaining behind.

The Arrival[edit]

Much later, when the Black Fleet arrived in the system, a Pyramid arrived on the arcology's surface. This prompted Eris Morn and The Drifter to attempt to harvest the darkness from smaller pyramids which had been seen touching down on the arcology. However, Savathûn, the Witch Queen dispatched platoons of Taken to the arcology to interrupt this ritual, resulting in a vicious battle between the guardians and the Taken and Hive. Eventually, the entire moon of Titan vanished leaving the fate of those aboard the arcology uncertain.


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  • Some of the structures in the Sinking Docks have names, such as "Kemphaan" and "Poelruiter". These are Dutch birds that usually live in wet areas, suggesting that some of the first people on Titan were Dutch. This could also be a reference to the fact that the Dutch are famous for dealing with water, or in this case, the oceans of Titan.
  • A massive Sea Monster can occasionally be seen breaching the ocean's surface.
  • The hole in Saturn's rings made by the Dreadnaught's main weapon is visible in Titan's sky from the New Pacific Arcology.


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