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Destiny 2



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The Rig, Titan

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"Venture deeep into the heart of the Hive to retrieve a powerful Golden Age CPU - and make it out alive"
— In game description

Utopia is the seventh story mission of Destiny 2. Completing this mission unlocks the planet Nessus and the mission Looped, as well as the Adventures Siren Song and Deathless.

During the course of Utopia the player descends into the New Pacific Arcology to search for a Golden Age CPU which they locate and requisition in order to crack intercepted Cabal communications identifying the Cabal's star killing superweapon, The Almighty to be in orbit around our Sun, and requiring an urgent reunification of the Vanguard and an assault on the Almighty before it destroys the entire Solar System.



Secure a Golden Age CPU to decrypt Red Legion intel
Find a way into the Arcology and locate the Central Processing Unit network
Locate the CPU network
Find a New Pacific Arcology OS access terminal
Locate the CPU network
Deploy Ghost to interface with the New Pacific Arcology OS
Secure a Golden Age CPU to decrypt Red Legion intel
Make your way down to the CPU network chamber
Secure a Golden Age CPU t decrypt Red Legion intel
Remove a CPU from the New Pacific Arcology network.
Escape the Arcology with the CPU
Find a way outside



Complete mission "Utopia" on Titan
Venture deeep into the heart of the Hive to retrieve a powerful Golden Age CPU - and make it out alive
Start mission
The Rig
Secure a Golden Age CPU to decrypt Red Legion intel
Find a way into the Arcology and locate the Central Processing Unit network
The player moves towards the New Pacific Arcology

Zavala: Holliday has detected an unusual amount of electricity being re-directed into the Arcology

Amanda Holliday: Yep. Juice like that can only mean one thing: a network of CPU's - powerful ones. Maybe powerful enough to decrypt that Cabal signal we intercepted.

Zavala: Unfortunately we don't know where the network might be located.

Holliday: So you're gonna have to snoop around, not draw too much attention.

Zavala: Guardian, securing this asset could turn the tide of this "war" with the Red Legion. Without it... I don't know what comes next.

The player enters Solarium, fighting a small band of Fallen outside it which includes a Servitor. The player defeats these and enters the Solarium proper.

Arcology Operating System: Welcome to New Pacific Arcology, the bright future of space colonisation in the shadow of Saturn.

Ghost: Sound's like the Arcology's operating is back online.

Holliday: I knew it! Keep an eye out for an OS access terminal. You can use it to pinpoint the CPU network.

Locate the CPU network
Find a New Pacific Arcology OS access terminal
While in the Solarium the Operating System will continue on the loudspeakers, saying:

Arcology Operating System: The New Pacific Academy is proud to offer degrees in Methane-Oceanography and Tidal Engineering

Arcology Operating System: Attention science lovers! The Collective's lecture on the terraforming of Io begins in five minutes in the Cassini Library.

Arcology Operating System: Thirty four percent of Titan's citizen's hope that the Traveler will terraform the ocean-moon soon.

Arcology Operating System: The Traveler's sudden departure from Io was a surprise to many. But experts insist should trust in the Traveler's choices.

Arcology Operating System: Local officials will neither confirm nor deny the existence of any so-called deep-space-anomaly.

A Ghost Scan is located in the vicinity, TM-SOL-1 reading:
Ghost: "Screen's dead, but the feed's still running. Ooh, kind of a catchy jingle. 'New Pacific Arcology! The next frontier is you.'"
The player continues into the Arcology.
Festering Halls

Ghost: Over there. One of the access terminals we're looking for.

Locate the CPU network
Deploy Ghost to interface with the New Pacific Arcology OS
Access Arcology Systems

Ghost: The CPU network is deep in the maintenance levels. Amanda, is this what we're looking for?

Holliday: Bingo! That's the place!

Ghost: OK, I've got the location. Let's find a way down.

The terminal display has now changed from its earlier screen reading "Welcome to New Pacific Arcology" in English, Chinese and Russian, to showing a schematic map of the Arcology's "Network Layout" identifying the CPU's location and describing the CPU as a "Quantum Core" in all three languages. In the bottom right of the screen the display identifies the Operating System version as OS 118.16
Secure a Golden Age CPU to decrypt Red Legion intel
Make your way down to the CPU network chamber
The player enters the Festering Halls and is ambushed by the Hive, among them is a yellow bar "Revenant Acolyte". The player kills the Hive. To the right of the area is a defunct monitor TM-FH-3:
Ghost: "The Arcology's operating system isn't very smart. Nothing even close to an AI. Lots of entries here, different names. It may not have had a personality, but it made living here better for a lot of people."
TM-FH-2 is also nearby, next to the doorway to head further into the Arcology.
Ghost: "We saw this rune before, on the Dreadnaught. It means either 'doorway' or 'treasure' or 'chamber.' Perhaps the Hive use this rune to tap into their Throne-world dimensions."
The player continues through the door into the hallway beyond where they encounter a Wizard and more Hive exiting a now permanently locked door besides a giant hole in the floor, and Ghost Scan TM-FH-1:
Ghost: "These Hive spawn pods are different from the ones we saw before. Maybe a different brood. Or a different generation. Gross and confusing."
The player kills the Wizard and its compatriots.

Ghost: Look's like the Hive dug a shortcut for us. Let's head down that hole in the ground.

The player enters the hole and proceeds through the dark nest below

Ghost: We're definitely in Hive territory now.

Zavala: Indeed. Keep radio chatter to a minimum. We don't want to draw any... unnecessary attention.

The Hive have already heard the player's approach and attack them, led by a regular Knight equipped with a Cleaver. The player defeats the Hive, continuing on to where they encounter a Shrieker. The Shrieker is defeated and the player continues on into another room, where they fight more Hive.
The player encounters their first Ogre, Garmurg. The player defeats Garmurg, dropping down the hole he came from, and continues deeper into the Arcology towards the CPU.
The player continues on, jumping through some elevator shafts, and access shafts, with Hive membranes or destructible metal grates blocking their path on occasion. As they continue, the environment becomes darker and more claustrophobic. Thralls ambush the player at several locations throughout the tunnels.
Ultimately the player reaches the CPU room, which they drop down into from an air vent in the ceiling.
Secure a Golden Age CPU t decrypt Red Legion intel
Remove a CPU from the New Pacific Arcology network.
The player approaches the CPU's Quantum Core
Pick up CPU

Arcology Operating System: Warning. CPU network disrupted.

Ghost: Well there's no way the Hive didn't hear that alarm.

Zavala: Move it, Guardian!

Escape the Arcology with the CPU
Find a way outside
The player is ambushed by several dozen Hive on either side shooting at them, forcing them to flee with the CPU. Once picked up the CPU cannot be put down, leaving the player in a third person mode where they cannot shoot back or even melee with the fragile CPU. The player escapes the CPU room.

Ghost: We got the CPU, but we stirred up the entire Hive colony, and it's a long walk to the surface.

Holliday: They're not gonna make it out of there, Commander

Zavala: Guardian. Can you make it to the Center of the Arcology? We should be able to send someone to pick you up from there. Holliday?

Holliday: Yeah... yeah, I'm on it.

In the next room is a vehicle that the player can enter with the CPU and drive. The vehicle is basically a Drake Tank without its armaments, and serves to train the player in steering this class of vehicle.
Enter Driver's Seat
The player then escapes through the Hive colony in the not-a-Drake-tank tank by ramming it through the numerous Hive secretions, materials and troops in their way as they drive to the center of the Arcology.

Ghost: This road leads to the center of the Arcology. We'll need a way out once we get there.

Holliday: I'm strapping in and about to take off. I'll be there ASAP.

Zavala: Amanda!

Holliday: Sir?

Zavala: Fly fast. Fly safe.

Holliday: Yes, sir!

The player reaches the center and proceeds along a long bridge to the landing platform where Holliday's Hawk jumpjet is waiting for them

Holliday: Got eyes on ya, pal! Meet you at the end of the road!

Zavala: Good work - both of you. Let's get that CPU back to Control and decrypt these transmissions.

Holliday: Things may finally be looking up for us.

The player reaches Holliday

{End Gameplay}


A planet before a sun. The camera zooms in and comes around slowly while the music's drums beat with dramatically in the background. As the camera draws closer we can see the planet is wrecked, cracked open by gigantic continent spanning fissures through which the planet's molten core can be seen.
The camera passes by the planet and its debris, as the Almighty comes into sight along with a flotilla of Cabal Warships. The Almighty is siphoning planetary material from the one end, and injecting a bright blue stream of ionised plasma into the sun out the other end. The camera focuses in on the beam, tracking it as it burns through the star's photosphere, generating a massive magnetic disturbance visible in the rapidly spreading sunpot.
The star destablised, the Almighty stops firing its weapon, and teleports out of the way of what comes next.

Sloane: They call it..."The Almighty." The crown jewel of the Red Legion and life's work of their leader...Dominus Ghaul.

The Almighty vanishes, leaving nothing but a giant black sunspot from the destabilisation of the star's magnetic fields. The camera starts moving backwards, back through the planetary debris

Sloane: Ghaul has subjugated hundreds of worlds

The planet is gone, harvested by the Almighty before its departure, with only a few planetismal sized rocks left where it once was

Sloane: Those that resisted... no longer exist

The star implodes -

Sloane: You see the Almighty...

- and then explodes in a supernova

Sloane: ... annihilates stars.

The supernova explosion spreads, wiping out the first planet, as well as all other planets in the system.
The camera zooms out from the distant explosion while a Cabal march picks up in the background. The camera zooms out and begins to shift towards our own Solar System

Sloane: Nothing - and no one - survives Ghaul's ambition.

The Moon, Earth behind it, and there, floating above the Earth, above the City, the Traveler, as seen through a Red Legion scan or visor of some kind

Sloane: What he wants... is the Traveler

The scan focuses in on the Traveler.

Sloane: And its Light.

The camera passes by Earth to look at the Sun in the distance

Sloane: As for the Almighty... it's now pointed at our sun.

Sloane: In short, sir...the war's over. And we've lost.

{End Cutscene}


Zavala, Sloane, and the Guardian are gathered around table in the Control Center at Siren's Watch, Titan. A close up of Zavala hunched over the table, struggling to come to terms with his failure.

Zavala: We built our home under the protection of the Traveler. When our enemies attacked, we built a wall that stood for centuries. But now walls mean nothing.

Zavala stands up straight.

Zavala: This enemy has taken our home. Taken our Light. And now they threaten our very existence!

Anger and determination building as Zavala looks at both Sloane and the Guardian

Zavala: We're going all in on this... "Almighty". How long before the fleet's combat ready?

Sloane: Zavala, wait -

Zavala punches the table.

Zavala: If we wait, we die. But if we attack together, we can take back our home, our Light... our hope. Or we die trying.

Zavala: Now. I need my fireteam. I need Ikora and Cayde.

{End Cutscene}

{End Mission}


  • In the room with the golden age CPU, a giant sea monster resembling a gigantic Worm will appear in the window if you wait instead of grabbing the CPU. What this thing is is still unknown.
  • Ghost Scan TM-SOL-1, available in the Solarium after player's first visit it during this mission is likely a homage to former Bungie employee and Composer, Marty O'Donnell and his earlier career as a jingle writer.