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"The knife had a million blades

And you were a giant, able and strong

A shield swift and righteous

A candle alight in the dark.

But the wind rose and the star light screamed

And now you stand here exhausted

The knife had a million blades

The knife failed."

I like Destiny. That's obvious. Especially the Lore. I also frequent DestinyTheGame and DestinyLore where I get into some serious speculation under my Reddit account also conveniently titled u/KFC_just ( the best joke name there ever was.

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I can also verify a differing dialogue for IO-TBC-1, and possibly for IO-LO-3 (although I'll have to check which scan it is exactly, I just know it's one from Io and not written down)


Hey question wrt: Ghost scans TM-RIG-2 and TM-RIG-4, how would I post the screenshots showing the non-veteran dialogue? They're not really high quality enough to post, but I'm guessing my addition wasn't verified which is why it got removed, haha.


About your recent edit,

You were putting the transcript in the boss's page, so I had to move it to the mission's page.


So that explains how long the page is.


Hello KFC. I'm here to congratulate you for putting the Owl Sector Records page together. You did an amazing job!


Welcome to Destinypedia, KFC! Good to see you here.