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Destinypedia's points and level system

The Destinypedia experience is only as good as the community can make it. In order for Destinypedia to recognize fans who spend their time sharing with other fans on Destinypedia, we've come up with an automated point and level system.

Each time you hit the next level, pat yourself on the back and wear your new title with pride! It's a signal to other users that you are making Destinypedia the ultimate community of Destiny fans. To see where you rank in relation to other users, check out this list.

Check out the tables below to see how the new points and level system works (these are not the ranks which appear in the games, nor are they representative of the order of those ranks.)

Fan levels
Points needed Rank Insignia
0 Dreg Aspect of Blood.jpg
1,200 Reaver Dreg Officer Crest.jpg
1,750 Archon Servant Rune of the Disciple.jpg
2,500 Vandal The Rising.jpg
5,000 Elder Vandal The Rising Night.jpg
10,000 Reaver Vandal Bomb Squad II.jpg
20,000 Stealth Vandal Dragoon.jpg
35,000 Kell's Guard Command II.jpg
50,000 Captain Born of Fire.jpg
75,000 Elder Captain Shield of the Knight.jpg
100,000 Noble Captain Shield of the Warlord.jpg
150,000 Reaver Captain Pathfinder Sign.jpg
250,000 House Enforcer Honor of Blades.jpg
350,000 Baron The Inner Circle.jpg
500,000 Archon Rising Blessing of the Gifted.jpg
650,000 Archon Blessing of the Zealot.jpg
800,000 Kell Firm Decree.jpg
1,000,000+ Kell of Kells Kell of Kells.jpg
Point values
What to do Points you'll get
Signing up 1,000
Uploading your first avatar 100
Editing an article or uploading a file 50