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Sunken Isles, European Dead Zone

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"Find Thumos the Unbroken and take the key codes he carries—by any means necessary."
— In game description

Unbroken is the thirteenth story mission of Destiny 2. Completing this mission will unlock the Adventures Anti-Anti-Air, Stop and Go, No Safe Distance and Red Legion, Black Oil.

During the course of Unbroken, the Guardian fights their way through the Cabal Carrier, the Orobas Vectura to slay Thumos, the Unbroken and steal the key codes to his personal shuttle, which the Guardian will then use to infiltrate the Almighty and destroy its weapon during the subsequent missions Larceny and 1AU.


Find Thumos, the Unbroken
Storm the command deck
Storm the command deck
Push through the Red Legion defenses towards the command deck
Break Thumos, the Unbroken
Push through the Red Legion defenses towards the command deck



Sunken Isles
Start Mission
Find Thumos, the Unbroken

Ghost: Here we go! We're in the carrier.

Zavala: Good. Your target is Thumos the Unbroken, one of Ghaul's chosen. The key codes to his ship are your ticket to the Almighty. Hawthorne had a run-in with him while you were off-planet.

Hawthorne: They're known as the Blood Guard for a reason. I'd tell you to be careful, but...that didn't help the last team I sent out.

Zavala: Find the command deck, and you'll find Thumos the Unbroken.

Hawthorne: And you'll break him.

Echion Hold
Storm the command deck
The player enters the Echion Hold and commences battle against the Cabal. The player kills the Cabal

Ghost: The Bridge should be above us. Let's find a console and dig up the schematics.

Access Ship Schematics

Ghost: OK, I've got the map. Let's find Thumos.

Storm the command deck
Push through the Red Legion defenses towards the command deck
An elevator lowers. The elevator has a Harvester located on it, on which the player can jump up and then from there reach the doorway above. If the player delays jumping up and over the Harvester Ghost will say

Ghost: [line]

The player climbs over the ship and enters the door and corridor above

Hawthorne: Careful out there. The team I lost to Thumos - they were good people. Some of my best.

Zavala Our Guardian can handle it, Hawthorne. It's what we do.

Hawthorne: It's what you did. Last I checked, without the Light - you and me? Not so different.

Echion Control
The player moves through the corridor as a door at the far end opens and a trio of War Beasts led by a single Legionary step out to attack the player. The player defeats them and approaches the door they entered through

Ghost: The door is sealed!

Hawthorne: Look around. There's always another way in.

The player searches the area.

Ghost: Checking the schematics... Got it! Use that vent. It should lead us back to where we need to be.

The player approaches the vent. If their Ghost is held out the vent covers will be highlighted and read "Destructible" when scanned. The player destroys the vent cover and enters the vent

Hawthorne: Wish I could be out there with you. Pull the trigger myself.

Zavala: Your time will come, Hawthorne.

Hawthorne: I'm counting on it.

The player makes their way through the service corridor, destroys another vent cover at the end and exits into a large corridor full of Cabal. The player fights through the Cabal and kills their leader, a "Blood Guard Centurion", which is in fact outfitted as an Incendior.
The player continues on through another vent

Ghost: We're almost to the hangar.

Hawthorne: By now Thunos will know you're coming for him. Expect a welcoming party in there.

Zavala: Holliday are you in range for an assist?

Amanda Holliday: Swinging back around. Gotta shake a couple of these Red Uglies off my tail first!

Echion Control
Restricted Zone
The player enters the Hangar just as a Thresher exits the bay carrying a "Red Legion Goliath". Outside the hangar more Threshers and Harvesters are taking what equipment they can to safety. Inside the first Hangar bay are more Cabal, led by a pair of "Blood Guard Security". The player kills these and approaches the hangar door.
Open Hangar Door
The door opens onto a much larger hangar filled with more Cabal and Blood Guards who begin engaging the player right as Holliday's Hawk, equipment with a quick firing, chin mounted cannon, pulls up outside the hangar bay and begins firing inside, assisting the player as they kill the Cabal.

Holliday: Someone order backup?

Holliday shoots some Cabal

Holliday: Haha! You better run!

Holliday: Don't leave the door open if you don't want me coming in!

All Cabal are killed

Holliday: All right, Guardian. I've done my part. Now go take care of Thumos for us.

The player fights through the last of the enemies between them and the command deck, killing a "Blood Guard Exemplar" guarding the entrance onto the bridge. With the Exemplary Blood Guard killed, the player enters the command deck.
At the far end of the room, Thumos the Unbroken arrives, escorted by another two Blood Guards, the "Blood Guard Bulwark" on his right, and the "Blood Guard Close Protector" on his left.
Break Thumos, the Unbroken
Push through the Red Legion defenses towards the command deck
The trio will generally remain at the back of the room with the high ground, by the elevator on which they entered unless attacked. If the player attacks Thumos, then both his bodyguards will charge the player to distract them from damaging Thumos. If the player attacks either one of the bodyguards, the Bulwark or the Close Protector, and takes out their shield, then the other will charge in to block the shots to the other using their fresh shield and both will storm the player. If either one of the bodyguards is killed then the same enraged charge will occur from the survivor. All the while Thumos will maintain his position and cover their advance until both the Bulwark and the Close Protector have been killed by the player, upon which Thumos will also charge in angrily and try to kill the player in a melee.
After reducing Thumos' health by a third, Cabal reinforcement will arrive. This does not depend on the Close Protector and/or the Bulwark being dead. After reducing his health by a second third so that only 33% remains, Thumos will enter an enraged mode, repeating his berserk behaviour to charge after the player. If the bodyguards are still alive, they will continue to charge after and attack the player the entire time while they are attacking Thumos.
The player kills Thumos and recovers "Thumos' Keycodes."

Ghost: Whew! Got the key codes, and Thumos is dead. Check and check.

Zavala: Excellent work. Now get to the base, find his ship, and get to the Almighty. We're counting on you.

Hawthorne: You did a hell of a job, Guardian. I'm going to spread the word - Thumos is gone for good

{End Gameplay}

{End Mission}


Cabal - Red Legion



  • Thumos and his two Blood Guard bodyguards, the Close Protector and the Bulwark are one of the few boss battles anywhere in the Destiny universe to convey emotionality on the part of the combatants during the fight itself. This is conveyed via the fight's mechanics in which the Close Protector and the Bulwark's attack patterns change and become much more reckless and confrontational when the player attacks Thumos or either one of them. While taking out the shields of either one of these enemies and damaging their health will cause that unit to berserk and charge the player, this fight is unique in causing the same behaviour in their compatriot, and if the other bodyguard manages to get between the wounded guard and the player, they are in effect sacrificing their own lives for their fellow,, and giving them the chance to recover their shields and survive. Likewise, if the wounded body guard is actually killed then the survivor will be enraged and charge the player in revenge. Likewise when both of the guards, the Bulwark and the Close Protector are killed, Thumos will be enraged and charge the player across the room, trying to stab them. The nature of the relationship between Thumos, his Close Protector and the Bulwark is unknown, but two possibilities appear consistent with the lore:
    • The three Cabal may be "Bond Brothers", an intense friendship between Cabal such as the Bond between the Brothers Primus Ta'aun, Valus Tlu'urn and Valus Mau'ual. This code of friendship is so intense that it motivated mutinous sentiments by Tlu'urn, when Ta'aun was ordered on a suicide mission to assault the Dreadnaught, thoughts which Ta'aun himself toyed with before rejecting.[1] When he did go, despite the two Valuses being his right hand men, Ta'aun ordered the others to stay behind so that they might live, because he loved them.[2] Yet out of the strength of their friendship, they ignored this order, came anyway, and were prepared to blow up the entire solar system during the Shield Brothers strike, just for a chance to get him back after Ta'aun was Taken by Oryx. The intensity of such relationships between Bond Brothers may explain why the Bulwark, Close Protector and Thumos are seen together, and fight in the manner they do, as they may be more than mere bodyguards.
    • Alternatively, especially in the case of the Close Protector, the relationship may be a romantic one as Cabal are known to deploy integrated combat units of male and female Cabal, which may explain their "closeness".[3]
  • It is possible to complete the end boss fight without killing any unit other than Thumos. In that event, all Cabal forces will despawn as normal except for the Close Protector and Bulwark, who are not programed to despawn under any circumstances based in the assumption that all three Blood Guards will fight and die, together.


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