No Safe Distance

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No Safe Distance


Destiny 2


1 - 3


Sunken Isles, European Dead Zone

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"The Red Legion base is full of explosives even more dangerous than usual. Find and neutralise them before they enter the field."
— In game description

No Safe Distance is an Adventure located in the Sunken Isles in the EDZ. The Guardian receives a call from Sloane and Hawthorne and is tasked with planting and detonating Red Legion explosives in Firebase Hades.


  • Find a cargo manifest
  • Infiltrate firebase
  • Secure explosives

Continue outside

  • Destroy Goliath Tanks
  • Arm the explosives
  • Detonate the explosives
  • Get to safety


Cabal - Red Legion


The player starts the Adventure in Firebase Hades.

SLOANE: Good, someone I can count on. The Cabal are moving high-yield explosives through that base. You need to neutralize them before they're used against us.

HAWTHORNE: I still think we can put them to use somehow, but I'm letting Sloane have this one. Either way, we need their location.

A Firebase Demolitionist will appear somewhere in the base. The Guardian hunts him down, kills him and retrieves his cargo manifest.'

GHOST: Whoever this was had a delivery manifest. It says most of the explosives are already gone but there are still some left in the base.

HAWTHORNE: No problem. Sloane says you can use your transmat juice to blow them up in a safe location.

SLOANE: 'Transmat Juice'?

HAWTHORNE: Oh, like you know how it works.

SLOANE: That's not relevant. Get into that base, and find those explosives.

The player continues deeper into the firebase, out into Legion's Anchor. They enter a room full with Cabal units and three explosives that has to be transmitted out of the base via Ghost.

SLOANE: There are heavy tanks near your position. Get out of there before they come online.

HAWTHORNE: Wait, wait, wait! Head outside you two!

SLOANE: The tanks are outside.

HAWTHORNE: Trust me!

The Guardian proceeds further into the Firebase, and out into a courtyard.

GHOST: They're offline,like she said.

HAWTHORNE: Perfect! Now you can re-transmat those explosives.

SLOANE: Hawthorne, that is some good improvisation.

The Guardian plants the explosives under the tanks.

GHOST: Okay, I'm going to arm all the explosives at once. Keep me close so there's no signal interference.

HAWTHORNE: You're gonna get plenty of other interference from the Legion.

SLOANE: Hold that position. Those tanks are too important a target to leave standing.

Waves of Red Legion troops spawn as Ghost arms the bombs. Staying close to the tanks is recommended as the signal won't carry through if the player goes far away from them.

GHOST: We can use the login from that Quartermaster for a remote detonation.

HAWTHORNE: Using their explosives to blow up their tanks. I have pretty good ideas.

SLOANE: No argument here.

The Guardian hacks the console and detonates the bombs.

HAWTHORNE: I bet that was quite a show.

SLOANE: A well-timed tactical withdrawal is probably wise.

HAWTHORNE: Much as I hate running, Sloane's right. Get out of there you two.

The player escapes back through the base.

GHOST: We're clear.

SLOANE: We'll try to track down the explosives that got away. In the meantime, great work, those tanks would've been a lot to handle.

HAWTHORNE: We make a great team, everyone. Let's do this again sometime.

{Adventure ends}