Postmodern Prometheus

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Postmodern Prometheus is an Adventure in the Lost Oasis on Io. Asher believes that he can create synthetic Light and needs the Guardians help with the gathering of the data.


  • Collect the Traveler's energy
  • Calibrate Asher's test equipment
  • Protect the equipment


ASHER: I have planned a novel experiment, and you shall be a guinea pig. I need you to gather radiation. Move. Go. Shoo.

GHOST: We're happy to help, but why? What's the experiment?

ASHER: I am trying to create synthetic Light! If this experiment succeeds, then perhaps we can make new Guardians here.

IKORA: It won't work, Asher. The energy here is not Light, and science cannot manufacture blessings

ASHER: So you say, but you have not stopped me, have you? You want this to work! And it will! My theory is sound!

The Guardian gathers energy by passing through radiation beams.

GHOST: Field team to home team. We are 100% irradiated.

ASHER: Excellent. Now we'll need calibrations. Act naturally, assistant. Go punch something.

The player kills 8 Vex units with meele kills to calibrate Asher's equipment.

GHOST: I'm sending that data back now, Asher. Um. Should we keep punching, or-?

ASHER: No! My field equipment is ready. Go to the test site.

IKORA: If this works, it will change everything.

The Guardian heads to Terrabase Charon.

GHOST: Think we're coming up on your test site, Asher.

ASHER: You simply need to activate the field equipment to begin. And be gentle with it! It's yours to replace if it breaks!

After the player has activated the equipment, waves of Taken starts to spawn.

GHOST: Okay, Asher, something definitely happening, but we've got a lot of Taken coming in.

ASHER: Yes, yes. I expected they would be drawn by the antiumbral pulses.

After defeating the waves of Taken, the Vex will interfere as well.

GHOST: It's creating some kind of energy. Huh.

ASHER: I'm seeing extreme variance in my data. The Taken must not be allowed to interfere with this experiment!

IKORA: Extravagant light shows can't create Guardians.

The Guardian defeats the remaining enemies.

GHOST: All clear at the test site. Um, you guys have any results? Heh, this thing isn't gonna put the Traveler out of a job, right?

ASHER: Unfortunately, my predictions appear to be flawed. Your Light cannot pass to another. Nor can the "power" created by this experiment.

IKORA: What he means is, "No." We cannot create or take Light. Only the Traveler can choose to gift us with it.

GHOST: Let us know if we can help with anything else. I didn't think it would work either, but… You can't help hoping for a miracle.


Vex - Sol Collective


The Post-Modern Prometheus is the name of the fifth episode of the X-Files series, and involves mutant experiments by scientists. Their attempts to create something genetically modified can be compared with Asher's endeavour to create synthetic Light. Also, The Modern Prometheus is Frankenstein's subtitle.