The Hollow, Part II

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The Hollow, Part I

The Hollow, Part II
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Destiny 2


The Final Shape




Rathmore Chaos, Europa


Follow Mithrax to Europa on a mission of revenge.

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The Hollow, Part II is an Adventure available in the Lost in Light Quest within Destined Heroes, introduced in the Final Shape expansion. After disrupting House Salvation operations within The Pale Heart, the Guardian joins Mithrax on a mission to Europa to seek revenge on his mother's killer: Korha.


  • Find Korha
  • Utilize the Demolition Shank
  • Defeat Korha's Forces
    • Weaver Squads defeated
      • X of 3
      • X of 2
  • Defeat Remaining Opponents
  • Destroy Shield Generator
  • Pursue Korha
  • Defeat Korha, the Hollow
  • Call Demolition Shank Squads
    • X of 2


"And my vanquisher will read that book, seeking the weapon, and they will come to understand me, where I have been and where I was going."
The following is a verbatim transcription of an official document for archival reasons. As the original content is transcribed word-for-word, any possible discrepancies and/or errors are included.

(Mission Begins)

The Guardian arrives at Riis-Reborn in search of Korha, the Hollow.

Ikora: Guardian, my hidden have turned up some information on the Captain who fled the tree. His name is Korha.

Ikora: He was Eramis's right hand until we retook Seraph Station. After our last meeting, my agents tracked him to Europa.

Ikora: They're rallying a counter-attack to retake the tree. We can't risk a setback at this stage in our operation.

Mithrax: Korha does not deserve the rank of Captain. Let us do what I should have done long ago.

Ghost: Long ago? We're with you, Mithrax. Hopefully we can stop him before he draws any more Eliksni into this fight.

Travelling further up Riis-Reborn, the Guardian defeats an Omen of the Witness and House Salvation forces at an impenetrable door. They then bring forth a Demolition shank and use it to explode the door, thus allowing them to enter further into Riis-Reborn.

Mithrax: A small suffering for the promise of Riis reborn can be… intoxicating.

Ikora: That's what the Witness's philosophy does. It takes hope and twists it into a lie.

Mithrax: A lie can be comfort for the desperate. After we free House Salvation from Korha, perhaps we can offer them more.

The Guardian arrives further up Riis-Reborn where Mithrax is battling Weavers bearing Immunity Shields.

Mithrax: Guardian, I can disable these shields but I need you to route access to the Shanks' remote control node.

Destroying a Defiled Servitor, the Guardian receives an Arc charge form its remain and deposits it to summon Resilient Homing Shanks to their aid that self-destruct on the Tangling Weaver's to destroy their shields. Over time, the Guardian defeats the enemy forces and destroys the shield generator to lower the barrier around the teleportation pad. With Mithrax transmitting away, the Guardian steps on the pad to teleport to another location in Riis-Reborn

Ghost: Mithrax, this seems… personal.

Mithrax: Yes. When I plundered with the Old Crews, my mother was Captain. As command passed to me, she remained a specter of power.

Mithrax: Violence aged me, and I cut ties with that life. With her. Silent years passed before I learned of a sobering truth…

Mithrax: She was long dead. Killed by Korha… of the House of Winter. For him, I will redraw my blade.

Arriving at the Technocrat's Iron, the Guardian summons a Demolition Shank and uses it to destroy another door. They find Mithrax, who is once again engaging with Tangling Weavers possessing Immunity Shields. The Guardian destroys Defiled Servitors and deposits the Arc Charges from their remains to bring forth Resilient Homing Shanks to destroy the Weaver's shields. Eventually, the Guardian and Mithrax defeat two squads of Weavers along with the Fallen opponents.

Mithrax: I am not proud of that time, Guardians. I have tried to move beyond it, but it seems our pasts are restless beasts.

Ikora: I've locked away pieces of my past as well. To protect myself, and others. Youth is chaotic.

Ikora: But if we command that energy, mold it into something better, like you and I've done in the City…

With the barrier blocking the entrance lowered, the Guardian continues until they reach the factory, using a Resilient Homing Shank once again to destroy the entrance. They enter into the main room of the Technocrat's Iron alongside Mithrax to confront Korha, the Hollow, who is standing within a Fallen shield.

Mithrax: Korha! I am Misraasks, son of Inaaks! And I am your end!

Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted.
Korha lowers the shield and confronts the Guardian and Mithrax alongside Attendant units. The Guardian and Mithrax engage with Korha, using their weapons and abilities to severly damage the Captain, thus forcing him to raise his Immunity Shield for protection.

Mithrax: Do you have nothing to say for yourself?!

Destroying Defiled Servitors, the Guardian deposits two Arc charges into a machine in the middle to summon Resilient Homing Shanks to destroy Korha's shield. As Korha continues to be wounded, he brings fourth his Immunity Shield once more. Repeating the previous process, the Guardian eliminates Korha's shield, continuing their battle against the Captain. Due to being on the verge of death, Korha calls forth his Immunity Shield once more as he continues the fierce-some battle with Mithrax and the Guardian.

Mithrax : ANSWER ME!

Suddenly, a hacked House of Salvation Brig appears and crushes Korha, avenging Inaaks.

Mithrax: Silence.

Ikora: There wasn't much of Korha left in there. It looked more like one of the Witness's hollowed-out vessels.

Mithrax: I wanted him to know, that Misraasks delivered judgement upon Korha. Now…

Mithrax: At least… it is done. Rest, spirit of Inaaks. Your son has avenged you.

Ikora: Put your mind at ease, Kell of Light. You can celebrate this victory. Thank you for sharing her story.

Mithrax: Many in House Salvation still require our aid, and I… [sighs] This brush with my youth brings my daughter to mind.

Mithrax: Her hopes, her ambitions. There are many who would prey upon them. Many who would twist her kindness.

Ikora: She'll find her path, just like we have. Because she has you to guide her.

Mithrax: I hope… you will guide her as well. She holds the great Ikora Rey in the highest respect.

Ikora: You have my word.

{End Mission:The Hollow, Part II}


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