Korha, the Hollow

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Korha, the Hollow
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Biographical information




House of Winter (formerly)
House of Salvation




Warrior's Enforcer



Combat information


The Hollow, Part I
The Hollow, Part II


SolarS.png Shrapnel Launcher


Summon Fallen
Summon Eater of Light
Summon Eater of Darkness
Summon Dread
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Immunity Shield
StasisS.png Crystal Wave
KineticS.png Ultra Smash


Korha, the Hollow was a Captain from the House of Winter before turning to the Witness and the House of Salvation. He serves as the main villain of the Lost in the Light Quest as he led efforts by the House of Salvation to harvest paracausal energy directly from the Tree of Silver Wings in the Pale Heart.


Korha was once a Captain of the House of Winter. Years after Mithrax had given up command of his crew, he learned that Korha was responsible for killing his mother, Inaaks.[1]

Many years later, Korha would be one of many to join the House of Salvation and would serve Eramis as her Right Hand until the loss of Seraph Station and her defection. At this point, Korha would be rendered into a hollowed vessel for the Witness.[1] During Operation Ahamkara, he would be the leader of an operation to harvest energy from a Tree of Silver Wings inside the Pale Heart of the Traveler that would be thwarted by the Guardian.[2] The Hidden would track him to Europa where he was rallying forces to retake the tree in the Blooming. The Guardian, assisted by Mithrax and supervised by Ikora Rey, would track and corner Korha in the Technocrat's Iron. After a fierce battle, throughout which Mithrax demands Korha answer him but receives silence from the Enforcer, Korha is crushed to death by a hacked Brig, avenging Inaaks.[1]


The Hollow, Part I[edit]

Korha is encountered at the roots of the Tree of Silver Wings after the Guardian has disabled the Fallen barrier. He bears the same fighting mechanics of any other Warrior's Enforcer and will be aided by hordes of Fallen forces. Upon losing half of his health, Korha will summon forth an Immunity Shield for protection. To disable his shield, the Guardian must kill Eaters of Light to receive motes of Light and deposit them to the fount of Darkness. They must repeat an identical process by slaying Eaters of Darkness to collect Darkness motes and bring them to the Light fount. Once this process is completed, Korha's shield will lower, allowing the Guardian to continue the Encounter. Upon losing almost all of his health, Korha's shield will return and the Captain will teleport away.

The Hollow, Part II[edit]

Korha is re-encountered by the Guardian where he stands within a Fallen shield within the Technocrat's Iron. When the encounter begins he will lower the shield and engage with the Guardian and Mithrax while also bringing forth Attendants for assistance. Once he loses one-third of his health, he will summon his Immunity Shield once more while also summoning Grims for aid. To lower Korha's shield, the Guardian must destroy Elite variants of the Defiled Servitor, House Salvation to retrieve Arc Charges. Depositing these charges within the machine in the middle will summon a squad of Resilient Homing Shanks which will damage Korha's shield upon exploding near the Captain. At least two charges must be deposited to bring forth enough Homing Shanks to destroy Korha's shield. When Korha loses two-thirds of his health, he will regain his Immunity Shield, forcing the Guardian to repeat the same process to vanquish his shield. With his shield destroyed, Korha will summon new reinforcements in the form of Fallen. Upon losing most of his health, Korha will restore his shield as his forces teleport away. He will continue to engage with the Guardian and Mithrax for a short period of time until he is killed upon being crushed by a Brig.