Arunak, Beloved by Calus

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Arunak, Beloved by Calus
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Savathûn's Hive
Loyalists (Unwillingly)





Combat information


The Menagerie


Summon Hive
High Durability
Ground Slam
Ogre Eye Blasts
Immunity Shield
Summon Arunak's Attendants
Nova Rupture
Berserker Rage
Summon Treasured Knight


"In the gladiator pits of Torobatl, I saw dozens of mighty boxers compete in hand-to-hand combat, armorless and glistening with blood. This Ogre is worthy of them."
Emperor Calus

Arunak, Beloved by Calus is a Hive Ogre who serves as one of the weekly-rotating final bosses of The Menagerie activity. It is one of Calus' favorite specimens within his Menagerie aboard the Leviathan, where he lets it lurk in the Undercroft.


Arunak behaves like any Ogre, laying into Guardians with its Void Eye Blasts and slamming the ground if any get too close. However, Arunak will also release Nova Ruptures, which will track every player's last known location. Arguably, the most challenging aspect of the boss fight is the tight corridors and the lack of cover. Arunak will be coated in an immunity shield; to destroy it, players must locate Cursed Thrall, named Arunak's Attendants, which will drop explosive charges when killed. Much like Vosik, the charges are to be thrown at Arunak, which will gradually degrade its shields. Once destroyed, players now have the opportunity to sneak some damage into the boss, potentially even chipping off a third of it's health with enough firepower. Once at a third of it's health, Arunak will go berserk, moving slightly faster and becoming melee-focused. It will also spawn Treasured Knights, which can one-shot a Guardian with their axe (players can avoid killing these Knights and unlock a triumph in the book). The fight ends when Arunak is killed.

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