Thaviks, the Depraved

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Thaviks, the Depraved
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House of Dusk





Combat information


Exodus Crash


SolarS.png Shrapnel Launcher
ArcS.png Shock Blades


ArcS.png Restriction Zone
ArcS.png Overcharge
Invisibility Tech
Smoke Vanish
Summon Fallen
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Switch Weapons
KineticS.png Fallen Melee


Thaviks, the Depraved was a Fallen Marauder of the House of Dusk, that used to serve as the main boss for the Exodus Crash Strike. It lead a gang of Dusk Scavengers to salvage the crashed Exodus Black of its Golden Age machinery, endangering it's AI Failsafe. During Episode: Echoes, as a part of the Exodus Crash rework, they were removed and replaced with Pykis, House Salvation.


Little is known about Thaviks, other than being an esteemed member of the House of Dusk who led the final Fallen strike into the Exodus Black.

Prior to the events of Exodus Crash, Jaliks, Fallen Captain led the charge to crack Failsafe's defensive shields and deploy Servitors to hack the network. Later Elyksul, Assault Leader commanded a second assault to destroy Failsafe's mainframe so they can scrap her for parts.

With Failsafe's defenses crumbling, she would send a distress signal to a Fireteam of Guardians to take down the Dusk. They would transverse into Failsafe's location and find Thaviks, who would challenge the Fireteam. By using his cloaking devices, Thaviks would use stealth to their advantage and deploy Overcharge Shanks to aid them. However the Marauder would be killed by the Guardians, saving Failsafe and securing the Exodus Black once more.


Thaviks is a difficult foe to pin down due to their erratic speed and stealth tech. For the first half of the fight, they pack a Shrapnel Launcher for ranged combat and will employ a moderate damage melee attack when faced up close. They will also preserve the Overcharge left by Overcharge Shanks that appear throughout the fight, limiting the playing area. Every time their health is reduced by 10%, they will place a smoke bomb beneath them, causing them to vanish. They will only teleport back in when all the adds are cleared.

When their health reaches 50%, they will switch from a Shrapnel Launcher to a pair of Shock Blades, making them more aggressive when pursuing Guardians. They will remain with these bladed weapons until they are killed. While they do have a ton of health, if you can spot them before they teleport, you can get some good hits in before they attack.



  • When Thaviks turns invisible, they do not disappear from the game. They may teleport from side to side (where the overcharge shanks spawn). There used to be an exploit where sharp-eyed players could see them crawling on the walls of the room and could shoot them into a death-fall, drastically shortening the battle.[1]
  • Thaviks appears to have robotic legs, the reason for why they were removed or torn off is unclear.
    • A possible reason for Thaviks having robotic legs is to help them navigate through their boss room, when it is covered in Arc energy from the Overcharged Shanks, as within their legs, is shown to have electricity coursing through them.

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