Once-Phyris, the Exhumed Tether

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Once-Phyris, the Exhumed Tether
Biographical information


Fallen (formerly)


House of Salvation (formerly)




Captain (formerly)



Combat information


Heist Battleground: Moon


VoidS.png Scorn Crossbow


Smoke Dash
Summon Scorn
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Immunity Shield
VoidS.png Ether Shield
KineticS.png Ultra Smash

She reaches up, grazes claws against the side of the Eliksni's face, and searches for any sign of her friend. Yet all she sees in Phyris's eyes is her own reflection, glassy and alien.[1]

Once-Phyris, the Exhumed Tether is a powerful Scorn Raider and former Captain of the Fallen House of Salvation. She was deployed in the assault on the Lunar Vault housing the Submind, Malahayati, where she was used as a tether between it and the Hive forces of Xivu Arath trying to corrupt it.[2]


Prior to her death, Phyris was a marksman of House Salvation, as well as an old friend of Eramis, Kell of Darkness. After her reincarnation as a Scorn, however, she was presented to her former Kell by the Witness as "a gift." Horrified by what had become of her friend, Eramis reached out and grazed the monstrosity's face, hoping to find any sign of the Eliksni she was. This only prompted her to bite the Shipstealer's arm, who was glad that it gave her a reason to scream aside from anguish.[1]


Phyris appears at the end of the Heist Battleground: Moon activity, serving as the final boss. Once the Fireteam reaches the inside of the Submind Vault and attempts to transfer Malahayati, the Raider will spawn with multiple Scorn underlings to eliminate the Guardians. Phyris is proficient with her Scorn Crossbow, which charges up to fire three, long-ranged Void bolts. She also has a stomp attack which it will use to knock back any players who get within range. As a Raider, she has the ability entering a smoke dash, nullifying any incoming fire as she scurries around the arena. The boss will teleport throughout the left, right and center areas of the vault whenever she takes significant damage, whilst summoning more enemies to provide her back up.

After losing half of her health, Phyris will gain an immunity shield, preventing you from causing further harm to her. She will also start deploying Void Ether Totems to grant protection to nearby allies. In order to neutralise her defenses, players are required to kill the Arc-Charged Scorn Chieftains that begin spawning. These enemies will drop Arc Charges upon death, which you must deposit in the core at the center of the arena power up the Defense Laser. Depositing five Charges will activate the tower and the boss's shield will be obliterated, allowing for players to continue the fight and finish her off. Once Phyris has been defeated, the activity will end and you may claim your rewards.

When playing the activity in the Heist Battleground playlist, an Unstoppable Abomination Champion will spawn when the boss enters her immunity stage.


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