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"On the third pace, Oryx's Warpriest meets them in battle, and he is victorious, he paints the void with fire, he salts the earth with ash."
— The Books of Sorrow XXX
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Blood of Oryx







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King's Fall




Initial Immunity
Wormstone Idol
Aura of the Initiate
Searing Torrent
Monument Decay
Void Axion Darts
Void Retaliation Swarm
Arc Darkness Bolts
High Durability
Fist of Darkness
Summon Taken
Summon Hive


The Warpriest is an Ascendant Hive, and one of Oryx, the Taken King's most powerful champions in his Court; having conquered five-hundred and eighty-five worlds from the time of the Golden Amputation to the fall of the Gift Mast. Utterly devoted to the principles of slaughter, victory, and to the Taken King himself, the Warpriest offers Oryx his tribute in the challenge and slaying of Guardians, often in appeasement for the Worms' gluttonous appetite within Oryx. He is encountered in the King's Fall Raid in the Basilica, and bars the way to Golgoroth's Cellar.


The Warpriest is an Ultra Hive Knight who is immune to conventional means, allowing him to lay down suppressive fire with his Boomer so long as the glyph sequence has not already been activated or has been activated in the wrong order. If a plate has been stood on at the wrong time or the glyph sequence has been broken too many times, then the Warpriest will reject the fireteam's initiate by summoning a Wormstone Idol to cause a wipe. This is important because the only way of damaging him is with the "Aura of the Initiate" buff, which is gained by performing a random glyph sequence with pads scattered around the room. If the player holding the aura does not kill an enemy in ten seconds, they will die and the aura will be transferred to someone else.

Like Crota, the Warpriest also uses an Oversoul in the form of the Oculus, which will kill any Guardian not standing directly in the shadow of one of the three monoliths in the room. If ten minutes have passed and the Warpriest has not been killed, this Oculus's effect remains persistent, wiping out the entire fireteam. Players cannot hide behind the same monument more than once as one will be destroyed when the Warpriest activates his Oculus.

Hard Mode Changes[edit]

In Hard Mode of King's Fall, the Warpriest becomes noticeably more dangerous in that he can now call upon three separate monoliths, each of which grants him an ability from a Taken enemy: the first one represents an Axion Dart like that of a Taken Centurion, the second one represents a Retaliation Swarm like those of a Taken Hobgoblin, and the third one represents a Darkness Bolt like that of a Taken Captain.

Challenge Mode Changes[edit]

When the Warpriest Challenge is active, the encounter demands that the same person cannot hold the Brand of the Initiate twice. If someone picks up the brand after they already already done so, they will die because the Warpriest will reject the initiate.


  • The Warpriest is the second Hive to be seen wearing a cape, Oryx being the first.


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