Pauurc, the Farseer's Heir

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Pauurc, the Farseer's Heir
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Biographical information




Savathûn's Brood




Taken Ogre

Combat information


Dreaming City Patrol


Summon Taken
ArcS.png Rotten Surge
High Durability
Rapid Movement
KineticS.png Ground Slam
Awoken Shield
Drop Dreaming City Gear


Pauurc, the Farseer's Heir is a Taken Ogre found on patrol in Rheasilvia in the Dreaming City, where it is spawned by placing a charged orb dropped by a Farseer's Saboteur.[1]


To engage in the boss fight, players must first look out for a Farseer's Saboteur, a powerful Taken that spawns around the area. They must kill the Saboteur and pick up the charge they dropped. Holding the uncharged orb will slow the player and negate their double jump. For the next step, the players must charge those orbs in a purple pool and bring the orb to a pedestal near one of the statues on one of the tall islands to the east on the map. Once the charge is placed, Pauurc will arrive to claim the treasure the team was looking for. The Ogre will be shielded and accompanied by Taken Wizards, named a Hand of the Farseer's Heir, all defending the center of the Patrol space. To deplete the shield, the players must kill the Hands, which will each drop an uncharged orb. The orbs are to be charged at the purple pools found around the arena and thrown at the boss. Once the shield is depleted, the players are free to engage the boss with any weapon; however, the Ogre itself is extremely durable, tanking even a shot from a Celestial Nighthawk. The boss will also summon Taken Knights, named a Sword of the Farseer's Heir, which will replace any slain Hands of the Farseer's Heir. Once the Ogre is killed, it will drop (although not powerful) Dreaming City weapons and gear.


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