Voice of Riven

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Voice of Riven
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Nothing Left to Say


VoidS.png Eversion
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Voice of Riven was a Taken Chimera that served the Taken Ahamkara Riven. It is the final boss of Forsaken story campaign and appears in the Nothing Left to Say mission, where it devours Uldren Sov after he unwittingly opens the way into the Dreaming City.


The Voice of Riven appears as the final encounter within the Watchtower and will immediately attack players from long range with its Void Eversion blasts. It is also capable of a secondary attack where it will send Seeker Bursts from the side chambers of its body. These black orb projectiles will follow players and need to be shot to prevent significant damage.

Occasionally, it will summon miniature Taken Blights that provide a immunity shield from damage and need to be destroyed to remove the shielding. The Voice will also banish players to the Ascendant Plane as its health depletes. There players will have to fight waves of Taken reinforcements and defeat the Ascendant Plane Guard to re-engage the Voice of Riven by teleporting out of a rift.

As the battle progresses, large sections of the floor will become poisoned by Taken energy that can damage players. The Chimera is also capable of unleashing a melee pulse attack if players attempt to get close to it. The Voice of Riven is high durable and can be defeated by concentrating firepower to its mouth to deal critical damage.



  • When posing as Mara Sov, the Voice (if it was her hallucination in actuality) spoke to Uldren Sov in a manner similar to the Ahamkara, saying "O Brother mine," a sign of its true nature as an agent of the Ahamkara.
  • The Voice of Riven is the first Taken Chimera to be encountered by Guardians and also the first to be given a name.