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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Voice of Riven
Biographical Information






Servant of Riven


Taken Chimera


20 M

Combat Information


Nothing Left to Say


Void Eversion
Seeker Burst
Blight Shielding
Ascendant Banish
Poisoned Floor
High Durability
Chimera Melee
Summon Taken


Voice of Riven is a Taken Chimera that serves the Taken Ahamkara Riven; sent to devour Uldren Sov after having unwittingly opened the way into the Dreaming City as well as the final boss of Forsaken story campaign.


The Voice of Riven has two main methods of attacking the player: it can fire Void Eversion blasts from its mouth and release Seeker Bursts from chambers on the side of its body. Both of these attacks can deal significant damage to Guardians from long range. It will also have large sections of the floor poisoned by Taken energy from its mere presence, and when faced up close, it will release a melee pulse that will knock the player back. Occasionally, it will summon miniature Taken Blights which can shield itself from damage; these blights must be destroyed to remove the shielding. Whenever its health reaches a certain threshold, the Voice will begin to banish the player to the Ascendant Plane, where they will fight waves of lesser Taken enemies until an Ascendant Plane Guard appears, which must be killed to re-engage. The Voice of Riven's weak spot is its mouth, as it takes the most damage whenever it is struck.


  • When posing as Mara Sov, the Voice (if it was her hallucination in actuality) spoke to Uldren Sov in a manner similar to the Ahamkara, saying "O Brother mine," a sign of its true nature as an agent of the last living Ahamkara.
  • The Voice of Riven is the first Taken Chimera to be encountered by Guardians and also the first to be given a name.

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