Qabix, Insurgent

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Qabix, Insurgent
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Psion Conclave




Psion Flayer

Combat information


Vox Obscura


ArcS.png Cabal Slug Launcher


Summon Cabal
Summon Psion Commanders
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Immunity Shield
Limited Flight
ArcS.png Voltaic Strike
VoidS.png Void Prison
SolarS.png Solar Seekers
Psionic Melee


"Eliminate these traitors! For the honor of the Vanguard and the empire!"
Empress Caiatl

Qabix, Insurgent is the leader of the Cabal rebels on Mars, hosting the broadcasts of psionic propaganda which is causing Psions to defect en masse from Empress Caiatl's empire to Yirix's Conclave. They serve as the final boss of the Vox Obscura Exotic Quest.[1]


Qabix is encountered within the Conclave's base in the Scablands. Once you enter the base, you only will have ten minutes to unlock the entrance to the final boss arena and defeat them. If you fail to do this within said amount of time, an orbital bombardment will commence and you die instantly, forcing you to start again from the last checkpoint.

When you have made it to the arena, Qabix will appear and the fight will begin. Reinforcements will arrive throughout the encounter to provide support for their commander. Champions can also spawn when playing the mission on Master difficulty. The Psion wields a rifle variant of the Cabal Slug Launcher, which fires charged bolts of Arc energy. Qabix possesses many of the Psionic abilities of Inotam, Oblivion's Triune, which they utilize throughout the battle. At the beginning, they can summon blasts of Arc energy to bombard the player's current position, making it important to keep moving and watch out for the target areas. After losing a quarter of their health, they can unleash shock waves that detain you in spherical Void cages, holding you in place. These can be neutralized by shooting one of the white orbs that form cage. Once the boss is down to half of their health, they can create large volleys of Solar orbs that home in on the player, and can easily wipe you out if hit by enough of them. It is possible to shoot down these seekers with enough firepower, but it is recommended that you try to find cover instead, as it can take a lot of hits to destroy them. On the final quarter of their health, the Psion can alternate between their Solar and Arc abilities.

Twice in the duration of the fight, Psion Commanders will spawn at the left, right, and far sides of the arena. These enemies will generate an immunity shield around Qabix, preventing them from being damaged. Large numbers of Cabal troops will also join their leader. In order to take out the boss's defenses, the player must eliminate all three of the Commanders that spawn throughout the arena. However, their shield bubbles can protect them from most attacks, forcing you to get up close to take them out. Killing the three Psions will allow you to continue damaging the boss. This process will have to be repeated twice: first when Qabix has lost a third of their health, and again when they have lost two thirds. If you are successful in defeating the insurgent before the ten minutes are up, the timer will cease, and the player can listen to the weekly Psionic broadcast and claim their loot. Completing the mission for the first time will reward you with the Exotic Grenade Launcher, Dead Messenger, and completing it on Master difficulty will give you its Catalyst.

When playing the Exotic Quest on Master difficulty, three Barrier Colossus Champions will also appear throughout the fight; one for each of Qabix's phases.


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