Data Nullifier

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Data Nullifier
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Sol Collective





Combat information




VoidS.png Aeon Maul


Summon Vex
High Durability
Rapid Flight
Midair Levitation
Rotating Shields
SolarS.png Hydra Death Blast
KineticS.png Temporal Shockwave


The Data Nullifier is a Sol Collective Hydra found within the Variant Security Protocol node of the Vex Network. During the Guardian’s incursion into the node with the assistance of Mithrax, Kell of Light and a rogue Vex signal within the Vex Net, the Data Nullifier barred the Young Wolf's way at the Corrupted Data Management, where it attempted to delete the Guardian alongside patches of unwanted data. The Hydra would ultimately fail and was destroyed as a result.


The Data Nullifier is the boss of the second encounter of //NODE.OVRD.AVALON//. It will initially watch over the arena from behind a data wall. After the player has survived two deletion attempts, the Data Nullifier will leave its safe spot and engage directly. It has the typical powers of a large Hydra, capable of firing a devastating torrent of Aeon Maul shots and unleasing damaging Temporal Shockwaves in melee range. All the while, Harpies will flood in from the portals and Quantum Harpies will teleport atop the four pillars in the arena. Once the Nullifier loses two fifths of its health, it will retreat to behind its barrier again, and a new deletion cycle will commence. If the players survive again, the Hydra will return in the arena, employing the same tactics with the addition of Quantum Minotaurs to its reinforcements. From this point on, the Data Nullifier will fight until its destruction.

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