Valus Dralgur, the Exiled

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Valus Dralgur, The Exiled
Biographical information




Imperial Cabal (formerly)
Cabal Deserters





Combat information


The Communion


ArcS.png Cabal Slug Launcher
ArcS.png Cabal Cluster Missiles


Summon Cabal
High Durability
Immunity Shield
Limited Flight
Blinding Effect
Slowness Debuff
KineticS.png Quake


"To the warriors of the Cabal Empire; defectors march upon the Europan Pyramid, searching for trinkets of Darkness. Their expidition is not sanctioned. Any that join them act alone. My father's obsession with the voice in the Darkness must not infect our own ranks."
Empress Caiatl

Valus Dralgur, the Exiled is a high-ranking Cabal Colossus who was exiled from the Empire, presumably by Empress Caiatl. They brought their forces to Europa in the hopes of pillaging artifacts from the Pyramid located there; an act that was publicly decried by their former leader.[1]


Valus Dralgur is the final boss of The Communion Mission. Once the player reaches the room with the statue, they must disable the three Cabal jammer devices that are interfering with it. Doing this will cause pillars and miniature walls to emerge throughout the area, which can be used as cover in the following battle. Dralgur and his troops will then arrive through the entrance you came in, and a Harvester will appear overhead to drop off more Cabal reinforcements. The Colossus will mostly attempt to bombard the player with rounds from their Slug Launcher, but they are also capable of firing Cluster Missiles that can slow you down considerably if hit by them.

Upon losing a third of their health, Dralgur will summon an immunity shield, and will sometimes begin shooting the statue while allowing the other Cabal troops to deal with you. The player must deactivate the three jammer devices from earlier in order to disable the Valus's shield and continue damaging them. You will have to repeat this process one more time after Dralgur's health is decreased by two-thirds, after which, they can finally be defeated.


  • Dralgur's Slug Launcher is disproportionately small in relation to his body, barely longer than his forearm, whereas the weapons of other colossi are about as tall as their shoulders. However, because Dralgur is so large, his weapon is likely the standard issue size.


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