Navôta, Eir Spawn

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"Vex encryption. Unbreakable? Ha, so they say."
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Navôta, Eir Spawn
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Combat information


Schism (Briefly)
The Disgraced


ArcS.png Darkness Blast
KineticS.png Cloud of Darkness
Summon Hive
High Durability
Midair Levitation
Rapid Flight
SolarS.png Absorption Shield


"Guardian, Hive forces are lashing out from the Cosmodrome, led by a disgraced Wizard named Navôta."

Navôta, Eir Spawn is a disgraced Hive Wizard who serves as the boss of The Disgraced Vanguard Strike. She is also the main antagonist of the New Light campaign that debuted during the Beyond Light expansion.


It was discovered after her murder of Shaw Han's fireteam members Cas and Maeve that she was seeking to gather the malcontent Hive broods in the Cosmodrome to her aid. Due to a rushed preliminary scan, Navôta was able to separate the Fireteam and kill Cas and Maeve. She continued to gather her brood, hoping to carve out the Cosmodrome as her territory. However, when she attempted to attack Shaw Han, and was forced to flee when The Guardian intervened, she was disgraced in the view of her subordinates. With the burning of other hideouts and the rivalry of Ak-Baral, Rival of Navôta all drawing spawn and power away from her, Navôta was forced to make a final confrontation with the Guardians in the old lunar complex where Omnigul, Will of Crota had been killed. Despite attempting to bridge a portal to bring more Hive to her aid along with her powers, she was defeated and the Hive in the Cosmodrome were once again left scattered and deprived of leaders.


Navôta is first encountered at the end of the mission Schism, where she disappears soon after the player sees her. She is then fought at the end of the mission Vendetta, where she appears already at a third of her health, wounded in her fight with Shaw. She fights like a regular Ultra Wizard, but beware of the large amount of Hive Traps scattered around the room. She summons reinforcements once, and flees after reaching a sixth of her health.

Navôta is then fought in the The Disgraced strike. She is first encountered soon after the players enter the Jovian Complex, and again fights like a regular powerful Wizard, but unlike most other bosses, she retains her Solar Absorption Shield. In this fight she is supported by other Wizards, a Hive Knight with a Boomer perched on a ledge, as well as numerous Thralls and, most dangerously, Revenant Cursed Thralls. Beware of the latter, as they have considerable health and their explosions inflict very high damage. Navôta can be killed here, but sometimes she flees when at about one third of her health.

After making your way deeper into the complex, Navôta will reappear from a summoning circle, starting the final confrontation with her. She still fights like a regular Wizard, but becomes immune and disappears every quarter or so of her health, forcing the fireteam to deal with other enemies, including large numbers of Revenant Cursed Thralls, before she reappears, having regenerated her shield. She will appear twice on the raised platform opposite of the Hive portal, and finally from the summoning circle again, where she will fight alongside swarms of enemies pouring from all around the room, including Ogres. Killing her at this time will end the mission for good.



  • The units she was accompanied with are from Savathûn's Brood, while the Revenant units are from the Hidden Swarm.
  • Due to her name, it is possible that she may have been born from, or worship, the Worm God Eir.

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