Dolgith, Blade of Reasoning

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Dolgith, Blade of Reasoning
Dolgith Blade of Reasoning.jpg
Biographical information






Taken Ogre

Combat information




ArcS.png Rotten Surge
KineticS.png Ground Slam
High Durability
Berserk Rage
Summon Taken
Summon Attendants
Summon Taken Blights
Immunity Shield


Dolgith, Blade of Reasoning is a Taken Ogre guarding an entrance leading to the memory of the ritual site where the Witness was created.


Dolgith, Blade of Reasoning appears shortly after the Guardian arrives at the entrance at the Sacrarium blocking the way to the ritual site. It bears an immunity shield and summon two Taken Blights on each side, along with reinforcements, most notably Bound Taken Phalanx's and Wizard's shielded by Prismatic Protection tasked with defending the Blight. The Guardian must destroy the Taken Blights and activate Transcendence to defeat these Bound Taken. Once the Blights are destroyed, a spike of Darkness along with Darkness seeds will appear. Shooting the spike will summon fourth a portal taking the Guardian to a large room with two Resonant Warders Knights as well as Darkness seeds. This room contains toxic air which will slowly harm the Guardian overtime. To gain protection, the Guardian must interact with Darkness seeds to gain the Shielded from Darkness buff, which lasts for 44 seconds and grants them protection against the air. Slaying the Resonant Warders will reveal the two correct glyphs and create a portal back to the Sacrarium. When the Guardian returns, they must interact with the correct glyphs to summon fourth the Aegis to pierce Dolgith's shield. Once Dolgith loses half of it's health, it's shield will return and it will summon new Taken Blights and reinforcements. The Guardian must repeat this process once again until Dolgith is finally defeated.


  • The Rotten Surge of Dolgit and of the Icon of Finality makes the sound of a regular Ogre's Eye Blast.